Report: Four-star guard Lester Quinones sets Michigan official visit

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Still skeptical considering the list but I like that we get the last visit. He seems to fall in love with the last school he visited.

Absolutely love his game (especially considering roster needs) and he would be at the top of my list for late adds.


Really want us to get this kid, but the list just tells me it isn’t going to happen. LSU, Maryland, and Memphis are just the squeakiest of squeaky clean programs. If Archie is anything like his brother Sean, then IU probably has some hidden “advantages” as well.


Couldn’t agree more, but his Mom loves Michigan academics, thus we do have someone on our side.


that might be the best advantage, MOMS! lol. he’d be a great get. do we even have a schollie to give?

We may know more by April 29. Perhaps not, but we just might know more by then.

I have the feeling he will only come here if he is all but guaranteed playing time or a clear indication that it is his to lose. Is he talented enough to start for this team next year assuming Poole is gone? He kind of has a Cassius Winston shot (shoots from his chest)

Wonder if this recruitment could be as simple as, Jordan Poole goes, we have a great chance. If he stays, we are out.

If we miss out on Quinones because Poole stays another year, I would be more than okay with that(!).


Good to see you around here, Bob.


I mean if I could have any option it’s Poole stays over any player coming in. Then there is no need for having a incoming guy adjust to the defensive and offensive schemes. The player chemistry is already there too. So I agree.


Oh yeah! This would be a big deal for sure.

If he commits we know there will be more moving parts to be analyzed that is for sure.

Yeah, I think I understated my post a little there. I would be thrilled if Jordan were to stay another year.


That’d be better than getting a commit from any other guard imo.


does everyone think Poole is leaving? i think he’ll do the draft thing, they’ll tell just like they told Mo, Charles and everyone else who’s done it before what he needs to work on. i can’t seem him going to the draft after this year. but what do i know?

He without question has a lot of upside. Tons of skill. Just depends on the teams. Some may give him a guarantee of drafting him in the first or 2nd round and that may be enough to stay in the draft. I personally think he’s gone.

okay. well i pretty happy with the roster that’s still there. we’ll see who the “X factor” guy will be next year.

Dylan, do you think that Moe Wagner brother gets a offer?