Report: Five-star forward Greg Brown sets Michigan official visit

This may sound crazy, but I wonder who has a bigger basketball recruiting network, Howard or some of the other blueblood coaches. He has two kids that have come up through the system recently, and an army of people in the NBA that want to see him succeed, both players and management. He is humble enough to ask for help without concern for being perceived as inexperienced. And a lot of those NBA contacts have direct involvement with the youth programs. Most top recruits are probably focused on the path to the NBA and Howard should have a leg up on them there, really.


Not enough scholarships for all that (at this point). Has nothing to do with rankings, but just thought maybe Todd isn’t as secure as Howard thinks so he is starting to put together a backup plan.

Who from this years roster will not be on next years roster? If there is a “Super Six” scenario.
Christopher - Brown - Todd - Dickinson - Williams - Zeb

Austin Davis - 5th year senior transfer (Pretty safe bet)

Collin Castleton - Transfer?

Cole Bajema - Transfer?

Adrian Nunez - Transfer?

Good question: I can only see an either/or with Castleton or Bajema. Castleton slots neatly behind Dickinson as a backup (or early starter/equal time w/Hunter). Bajema feels more likely a transfer of the two because it seems like more depth exists there. I can’t picture any circumstance where Davis or Nunez would stay because it would basically to be on the scout team, IMO.

I’m starting to think more and more that Davis gets his fifth year. Castleton’s lack of development has to make you nervous going into next year’s roster with only two bigs (one of which is a freshman). Greg Brown and Todd both coming would seem to change that equation a bit (although I don’t why they both would come knowing that they’ll both likely have to play significant minutes at C).

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Have to admit that I laughed out loud when I read this, but seconds later thought “Yeah, that’s actually possible”.

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Positionless hoops!

In all honesty, a combination of Todd/Brown in the frontcourt together could be a really good way to use them.

It is silly to think about transfers now but the one thing that I would add is that there are usually one or two guys higher up the list of players you would think would stay who would end up transferring in this spot.

An example would probably be Evan Smotrycz leaving when Michigan’s loaded 2013 class came in despite the fact that he was a pretty big part of that 2012 team.


Yeah, I’ve been thinking recently that Johns is a possible flight risk as well (I know you don’t like to speculate specifics!). With the class we’re bringing in, he might get stuck being a regular starter only as as senior, or maybe even never. I’m sure he could transfer and have a path to 30+ minutes of regular playing time somewhere else in high-major if he wanted it.

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Any of Castleton, Johns, Bajema, Nunez could transfer and I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact I’d bet on the over on 1.5 of them transferring right now.

In this hypothetical situation of Brown and Todd, Davis becomes superfluous.

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I hope Bajema is still on the roster, because the backup 2/3 becomes pretty shaky if not. Obviously one or two of DeJulius, Eli, and Zeb will be available for the backup 2 (and I guess technically the 3 based on this year), but it’s nice to have an actual wing shaped option there. I guess Franz might be an option depending on how much he improves/how the roster works out.


Yep. Although Brooks/DDJ/Christopher should be able to handle the 80 Guard minutes between themselves. The 3 is fine unless Livers is gone

Yeah, I was forgetting that the roster might force Livers to the 3 if he’s still here.

Some pretty wildly different depth chart scenarios depending on how the next couple months go, which I guess is implicit when you’re competing for instant impact guys like Christopher.


Yeah my guess is:

Nunez: Almost assuredly given a firm handshake unless we have enough attrition that it doesn’t matter.
Castleton / Johns: Possible playing time transfers. Johns more likely.
Davis: His scholarship depends on the rest of the big men roster construction. I think he’s more likely to be here next year than Nunez.
Bajema: Don’t see him transferring. He’ll be wanted on next year’s roster and I think it generally makes sense to play two years and then evaluate your standing.


Also if Livers is gone, I could see Christopher playing the 3 some. He’s wing sized, unlike DDJ or Brooks. DDJ/Brooks/Zeb take the 2 for any of those minutes.

But yeah it’s almost pointless to speculate at this point because of there are so many different possible outcomes.

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Wouldn’t be surprised to see someone like a Brooks transfer if Josh Christopher comes. He’s got one year left of eligibility and it’d be hard to go back to playing less than 30 minutes.

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I was actually thinking Johns could be a transfer candidate if Livers is back. If we land Todd and Brown that doesn’t really leave much PT for Brandon.

If we land three one and dones along with Zeb, Dickinson, Williams (and maybe Jace) the entire returning roster is a threat to leave. Everybody’s role would look completely different. Would be some interesting decisions for everyone involved - but damn that team would be good, especially if a few guys stick around


is there really a genuine possibility brown and todd both come to UM? am i wrong for just assuming brown is a todd insurance policy play by the staff? I mean you have to take both, but feels like with jace’s comments i dont know where the scholarhsips are gonna come from

Weren’t some speculating about DJ Wilson transferring before his February/March blowup and then we actually lost him to the NBA? The lesson is, as always, we have no idea what’s going to happen.


Lol I hear you. Few seem to want to play C!