Report: Brandon Johns Jr. enters the transfer portal


Actually happy that he’s doing this. Was never going to get a larger role in Ann Arbor. Other posters may have a different perspective but he’s always seemed to take his role in stride even when it clearly was not what he expected and his teammates seemed to like him. Other personalities may have handled his situation much worse. He deserves a shot to play a bigger role in his final college season and I hope he gets it.

Thanks for your contributions BJJ, particularly in last year’s Elite Eight run.


He never sulked or pouted even though his role was limited. Always seemed to support his teammates and was ready to give effort when called upon. I respect that and wish him good luck.


Thank merciful Christ

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Probably best for both parties here. Shame he could never reach his potential.


Can I be the first to predict him transferring to Minnesota and dropping 30 on Michigan next year!? But in all seriousness, but of luck to Brandon. He stepped up huge in last year’s Elite 8 run and hopefully he ends up somewhere where he can play significant minutes.


In all media (photos and videos) he came off like a great supportive teammate. And had a good game in the Elite 8 last year. Best of luck.


This trajectory still doesn’t make sense to me


Hopefully he finds a good spot and excels.


I wish him well. Hope a change of scenery turns the lights back on for him.


Echo everyone’s feelings here. Great kid, great teammate.

@umhoops Does this potentially bode well for Moussa and/or Hunter back next year? If both were gone, you’d prob have taken BJJ back, no? I know he struggled but he’d bring leadership and experience to a very young roster. Maybe I’m too optimistic but seems to be a positive read through.

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Also, assuming Nunez is gone too… Michigan can take back Diabate, Dickinson, and Houstan without scholarship issues now, right?

not sure it is related. I don’t think there is any scenario with Johns on next year’s team. He is simply unplayable

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There was never a scholarship for Johns or Nunez to come back. U-M is full if everyone comes back. Didn’t need to free one up for anyone to return. Need someone to leave to add a transfer.


Good luck to Brandon, hope to read about his success next year.


I would generally avoid trying to connect individual decisions. Johns went through senior night and wasn’t expected back. I don’t think this has anything to do (in either direction) with Hunter or Moussa or Caleb or anyone else’s decision.


thinking back to when jon horford left and we assumed it meant mcgary was coming back… :frowning:

Don’t remember the timeline of events but McGary was suppposed to be back! To this day, one of the biggest bs suspensions


One of those guys many people thought the recruting gurus weren’t high enough on, but the gurus were 100% right. Woof at that hyped 2018 state of michigan class too.

as I have shared before I have a very soft spot for Johns. He has always been my favorite person on the team if not the best basketball player. His contributions to our Elite 8 run were great but this will always be my lasting memory of him: