Reddit College Basketball Tournament

It goes without saying that we are all missing the tournament this year. Nothing can replace the way this weekend typically makes me feel but I have found one small slice of happiness from r/collegebasketball. There has been a virtual tournament set up using NCAA 2k8. Each team has been loaded into the game and the are simulating the entire tournament and streaming it on Youtube.

Sounds ridiculous but I watched Vermont beat Louisville last night on a buzzer beater and it was actually kind of exciting. Sounds dumb but it’s what we have this year.

Michigan is a 7 seed and matches up against Florida tomorrow @ 1 pm.

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I was riveted by a marble race earlier this week. That doesn’t sound ridiculous at all.

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That blue marble just wouldn’t quit!


Did the blue marble win? The video I watched ended before the race did.

Nice, was going to make a thread earlier, but just put it in the cancelled tourney thread.

Illinois vs Utah State kicks off in 5 minutes.

I’m surprised e-sports hasn’t taken advantage of this situation and we’re left watching AI vs AI. Now would be the perfect time to get a foothold in the market.

Problem is the last college basketball game was made in 2008… One that I enjoyed quite a bit in college. :rofl:

It will be interesting if other e-sports get some more pub over the next couple weeks/months.


I think Twitch will throw something together and finish the NBA season with different streamers. We are only in week 1 of boredom, longer it goes, more creativity is going to come out.

Would think the same with the EPL season and possibly the Euros.

Dylan, you should do a quick write up on Florida before tomorrow. If you’re super bored. Would be the first blog to do it and might get some attention.

Monumental Sports has announced they will be delivering the rest of the Capitals and Wizards seasons vis simulated games over TV channels through their existing contracts. See here:

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I didn’t know any college hoops games were made after Coach K College Basketball on Sega Genesis. That’s where it ended for me and gaming passed me by. I think that was the ‘94-‘95 season.

Houston and St. Mary’s just had a banger.


I thought Houston got fouled down low after grabbing that offensive rebound but the refs swallowed the whistle.

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Fab5 documentary on ESPN right now.

Somehow, I have similar pregame jitters before virtual Michigan plays in a couple of hours.


Bumped back to 1:30.

Looks like 2 pm now FYI

Did the game before it go to overtime?

Sounds like there was some technical difficulties, 13 year old video game and all.

This is honestly pretty accurate so far. 4-4 after 5 minute of play. Wagner has missed a corner 3, had a nice drive and dunk, and got a steal on defensive. Teske has missed a postup. X has missed a corner 3…


Teske just missed three layups on one possession…