Recruiting Roundup: Michigan evaluating late-rising 2019 big man



Does the staff know something about Davis’s status? 2019 seems to be a year too early to get another big man. If everyone stays, they’d have Teske, Castleton, Davis, Faulds and this guy on the team. That’s five “5s” and none of them have the ability to play another position.

2020 is the time for a big man because he’d come in after Teske leaves.


I’m sure its no surprise the two possible targets here are at the 2 and 5 with the said attrition likely to be Brooks and Davis if that occurs.


Unless Davis is on track to graduate in three years it seems unlikely he would want to leave Michigan and lose a year of eligibility since he’s already used his redshirt.


Regardless of where any attrition happens (this can be to NBA or transfer obviously) it is pretty clear that Michigan’s depth is thin at both the two and the five.


They’re in somewhat of a tricky position because you are absolutely right about that being way too many Centers that can not play elsewhere. But assuming we don’t get a C in 2019 we’re just going to have Castleton as the only returning scholarship C in 2020. Imo we should be able to survive that with either Faulds or with Johns/Livers at C, but if one of them is gone then who knows.


No doubt their depth is thin, but the question has to be: Is a late-add 2019 Center going to be better and have more of a shot to immediately crack the rotation than sophomore Castleton, senior Davis and junior Faulds? And if the answer is no or probably not, then it seems like a waste. I’d much rather look for another “2” if they can’t get Quinones.


I guess the main thing to consider here is that you have to evaluate early so you can act quickly. Spring becomes messy quickly with transfers, decommits, late rising prospects, etc.


Excuse the stupid question: How you pronounce Cole Bajema’s last name? “Bah-HAY-Ma” is what i have been saying in my head but have yet to actually hear the name


See, my hope is that it’s Ba-jam-a so that once Poole graduates, the Maize Rage can have Bajama parties to supplant the Poole parties.


You’ve always got to be prioritzing bigs. You can’t coach height.


The lack of depth at the 2 is scaring the bajemas out of me. I’m starting to worry about Brooks’ future. I really believed he would succeed and wanted him to succeed, but he just isn’t asserting himself when he gets his opportunities. That can still change because there was a time when I thought DJ Wilson was on track to fail. Now he’s wealthy and playing the fast-paced NBA basketball that fans crave.




I am not a huge fan of Skogman. Granted I haven’t seen him since last spring because he was injured all of July, but I hope Michigan goes the Grad Transfer route or can find someone a bit more proven than Skogman. Maybe I’m wrong but when I watched his AAU team play, the general consensus was that he was not even their best player or prospect. Their best player/prospect was Marcus Domask, who is signed to Northern Kentucky. I’m a bit worried he could be another Austin Davis. But at the same time, Davis wasn’t stockpiling High Major offers like Skogman is now. This 2019 crop of bigs is sub par compared to most years though as well.


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Whoa, I didn’t realize Quinones grew up a Michigan fan. In combination with this comment from the article (which I agree with), it’s hard not to feel reasonably good about our chances:

On a roster that lacks reliable shooting, it is easy to envision Quinones making an impact from day one if he were to end up in Ann Arbor

Regarding Skogman, our old friend Matt D posted elsewhere that Skogman was not “willing to go on record” about Michigan, which does signal to me that Davis is the expected attrition but the staff is treating the situation with care.


I don’t know if that is a Michigan-related thing re: not doing interviews. Meaning he might just not want to do many/any interviews more than not talk about Michigan. He’s picked up a half dozen offers in the last month and the only quote I can find is to a Minnesota site.

We’ve had a hard time getting him on the phone as well FWIW. Been trying for a week now :rofl:


Skog sure seems to fit the…”archetype” 5 that JB looks for: skilled, shooting competency, vision, high IQ, etc. Going all the way back to the Pittsnogle days really.

Coach has morphed his offense incredibly well to the pieces he accumulates; he’s done things with a non “shooter” PG like Simpson that many didn’t think could get done with unprecedented success.

Far be it from me to tell the all time winningest men’s basketball coach at Michigan how to do his job, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a big recruited that can stretch the floor and be more of a defensive and rebounding presence from day 1.

Teske has truly been the exception from a shotblocking perspective and JOrdan Morgan I remember becoming a very good defender as well.

Seems like Coach sure has a “type” when it comes to the 5 spot. Wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more diversity at that spot.

Maybe I’m crazy :man_shrugging:


Michigan is always going to prioritize shooting ability, I’d say shooting potential, at the five spot. That was an emphasis for him at WVU and it has only grown with the rise of the high ball screen in Michigan’s offense.

The bigger shift has been from recruiting guys like Jordan Morgan (who couldn’t protect the rim) to guys like Jon Teske or Colin Castleton (who can protect the rim). That shift has a lot to do with the charge rules and how they’ve changed with the restricted area.