Recruiting Roundup: Juwan Howard Impact



By when do you think Juwan will have had telephone conversations with Wilson, Wagner, Bajema, and Cumberland? Do you think he will wait until all his assistant coach hires have been made?

As for assistant coaches, by when do you think he will make his decisions on who he keeps from existing staff of Sanderson, Saddi, Yak, and Haynes?

Don’t think he has time to wait around, I would think that stuff falls into place over the next week or two.

i wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t on the phone with one of them in this picture.

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Recruits and coaches

Either Juwan has his hand at the very bottom of his phone or he’s on a car phone from the 80s. :laughing:


I would be very surprised if Juwan himself was taking part in any recruiting right now…it would be an NCAA violation for him to recruit before he’s passed his NCAA certification.

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The June 15th date to offer scholarships is the date from the NABC that they said official scholarship offers can be handed out. Beilein was the only coach to follow it and as Dylan said in the article, all that stuff is potentially out the window now.

It’s an online test and open book. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was able to take it in Miami (maybe through Facetime with someone from compliance) but I don’t specifically remember how all of that works.


Actually, check that, my understanding of the certification was incorrect.

“Q9 Is a coach who has not taken or has not passed the coaches certification test allowed to make telephone calls to prospective student-athletes?
A Yes. Pursuant to NCAA recruiting rules a noncertified coach who remains on campus may telephone a prospect at the prospect’s home or other off-campus site, provided the provisions of Division I Bylaw 13.1.3 (telephone calls) are met, inasmuch as such activity is not considered off-campus recruitment.“

The quoted bit makes it sound like he is allowed to call recruits, provided he is on campus? Or does he not have to physically be there.

Is FaceTime allowed during the quiet period?

Yes it is.

I really hope we can fill out the open scholarships with some of the nice remaining options. Obviously the 2020 class is gonna be a big and very important one, but I would hate to see the last years of Z, Teske, and Livers (assuming he is off to the NBA after this year) go to waste. It’s a good core.

1 of Cumberland, Wilson, Wagner would be nice plus hopefully someone else either from that group or another player that Howard can bring into consideration.

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Cumberland, or another Grad Transfer, would seem to be an “ideal” land for Howard and his staff — fill out roster slots for 2019-20 while not locking up scholarship slots down the line. Allows the new staff better odds at success next season plus allows the staff to scout/determine the best players to run the system Coach Howard wants to implement long-term.

(That’s not saying Jalen Wilson or Franz Wagner couldn’t be a part of the long-term plan Coach Howard has in mind, just that we don’t know what systems he will run and don’t know how much time he has to evaluate Wilson/Wagner as long-term fits — at least time as it relates to Wilson’s and Wagner’s individual decision-making timeframe)

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I guess that it does not break NCAA rules if Juwan talks to other parents at the U-16 trials.

What year are bronny and Zaire wade?

Zaire ('20) is walk-on material. Bronny is 2023.

Michigan, “new coach”, mentioned