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Coach Beilein is still adjusting to the wording of Redshirt. Recently, when talking about Davis red shirting he said something along the lines of this putting Davis in a a different class than the rest of the current freshman, contradicting earlier musings on the subject.

I am not arguing that Robinson’s scholarship is in question. I actually believe that it is quite safe. JB obviously values a RS due to transfer differently than a RS because you arent ready. I was just answering Reegs’s question about who would replace Robinson. In the tone of this thread and the momentum to recruiting another wing for the class, I was just speaking to the idea that Tucker would be the replacement and not some obscure under the radar recruit. I think most ppl on this board would agree that Senior Robinson > late 2/3* recruit (caveats applied if Robinson never finds his stroke again but that is unlikely).

I am not sure the same thing could be said of Robinson vs Tucker and looking towards the future, but that does not realistically seem like the circumstances that we are in. I am hoping Tucker is a contingency plan for unexpected attrition (whether NBA or transfer) or not landing Bamba; and i think that it would be solid get under those circumstances.

I don’t know how to parse that other than meaning that Davis has already shown enough that he doesn’t want to throw him under the bus by pulling the 5th year. He has already said that he’s the team’s best rebounder, which given what we’ve seen from DJ so far, is a strong statement.

He said that about Austin? I could see that in a few years. Really like our bigs next few years.i have faith in Austin and Jon. What’s interested to me so far and what id sell to bamba is that suddenly our front court looks like a strength and our perimeter play suspect a bit.

I’m convinced Wilson will keep up a high level of play and be a major factor in our success, on this level maybe not but he is a good player. I noticed In Jordan’s article he spoke of this offense being un Michigan like. With this current crew that’s a good thing. We have solid but not great shooters. Also very streaky. I firmly believe Wagner getting fed on the post will be vital to our success. Same with Irvin’s pull up mid range game and Maars to the rack play.

These are the shots they should and need to get for us. smart looks. Adjust to our personnel.

Belein’s comments on Davis’ rebounding

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Not a good atmosphere for that visit…

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I said this in the football thread. Wtf would they schedule a home game the same day as The Game?

Maybe the only time he could come? Didn’t want to go earlier and won’t be able to once his season gets in gear?

One, I assume that JB gives final approval of opponents on our nonconference schedule. But is he the one determining the logistics? Personally, I’m more upset we had a road game the night before Thanksgiving. And we could have scheduled Duke at home yesterday and I think the turnout would have been less than desirable. Alot of students out of town and with their families. And Michigan isn’t a basketball school. Over Xmas break, we will have low turnout. Should we just not have games those days?

You basically have to play almost every weekend to get all of your games in. Just like there’s a game next weekend even though the Big Ten championship could have been then.

The South Carolina game came up because they couldn’t play the Cincinnati game due to traveling during finals week.

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Another visitor who I believe is more of a 4, would love to see an athlete who can play some defence at that position in 18 to go along with the more offensive minded Livers.

I like his game. Strong game, 6’7 (maybe growing), left handed.

Emmitt Williams PF at IMG down in Florida, lists us not sure on his interest but exact type of 4 I wish we would recruit.

Alfred Hollins 17 wing, find it interesting that some wing targets are popping up in 17 now. Backup plan to Bamba/another ship opening up?

Any knowledge on recruits who were at the game on Sat? Is this the recruit section in the background?

I believe the longer Robinson continues to struggle the more his fifth year comes in to question. The coaches may opt for more athleticism out of his scholarship slot on the wing depth chart?

Meh…we’re already bringing in a 1, 2, 3, and 4 in this coming class. Matthews brings athleticism. If we were going to get someone else, we shouldn’t have let Eastern get away.

With young PG’s on the roster next year, I’ll take an experienced wing player. And we’re hoping Ibi is ready or Matthews is as good as advertised once the lights come on.

And all Duncan has to do is bump his 3pt % by 2.5% and all of the sudden he will be the best shooter on the team, besides Mo, assuming he can keep it up.

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Yeah he’s still at 44% for his Michigan career. And 87.5% FTs. I just don’t see Beilein chasing that off.

Tonight confirmed that Duncan has a place. Even when he didnt light it up from 3, Texas over-reacted on every closeout after his first make. MAAR has less mental gaffes than Duncan, but I think there’s a case that Duncan has been out-playing him over the last 3 games.


I can only imagine what this thread would be saying if Duncan hadn’t scored from the floor in back to back games.

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