Quiz: Most Big Ten & NCAA Tourney Wins

  1. Who has most B1G wins over last 5 years
    (2) Which B1G team has the most NCAA tourney wins over that time? And where does UM fit?

MD is excluded as having only been in the league for a couple years. I’ll give the answers shortly…

I’ll go MSU most wins and Wisconsin most tourney wins.

Michigan top 3 in both?

I’m guessing MSU for regular season, but I’m pretty certain that as of right now Wisky, MSU and UM are tied for most tourney wins, with Wisky having a chance to take the lead soon.

Didn’t look it up, but I’d guess Wisconsin has the most Big Ten wins… Michigan is probably up there in both categories.

Michigan racked up a bunch of NCAAT wins in those back to back years, but I feel like MSU matched them in the last two years and Wisconsin is about to or will pass them this year perhaps.

(1) B1G Wins:

  1. Wiscy - 64
  2. MSU - 63
    T-3. Mich - 58
    T-3. OSU - 58
  3. IU - 56
  4. Iowa - 50
  5. PU - 47

(2) Tourney Wins:

  1. Wiscy - 13 (and counting)
  2. MSU - 11
  3. Mich - 8
  4. OSU - 8
  5. IU - 6 (and counting)
  6. Iowa - 2
    T-7. PU - 1
    T-7. Ill - 1

One note: the order basically stays the same in both categories if only the last 4 years are included, though OSU drops below IU in the tourney wins and IU ties OSU and Mich in conference wins. Adding a sixth year increases Wiscy’s lead, boosts OSU, makes PU a bit more respectable, and would send IU down some.

Just a reminder of how good Wiscy has been over the past 5 years. MSU is a close second in both categories. Mich, OSU, and IU pretty much make a defined second tier, with each having a down year or two in there that separates them from the top two.


John Beilein for President, when he retires from Michigan in 2021.

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Enlight of this, I think if you polled basketball writers throughout the whole country, they would overwhelmly vote that MSU’s basketball program is better than the Badgers.

Interesting factoid. Thanks for sharing.

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Every time I start to feel like the program isn’t where I wish it was, I think about Illinois after that great team in '05, and what they’ve endured since.

Every time I start to feel the program isn’t where I think it should be, I think about what MSU and Wiscy’ have endured since 05 and it makes me want our program at that level more than ever.


Every time you chime in, I try to remember, are you Cinnamon or Spice? Can’t keep the Spice Brothers straight. Or is it the mean girls?

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Hahahahahaha… Try again buddy.

How could anyone predict Beilein would be fired before the start of next season?

Who predicted that?

Didn’t you?

You try really hard, I’ll give you that.

Didn’t you predict Beilein wouldn’t be our coach next year?

Not once did I say that. Not even in my angriest of rants did I say JB should or would be fired after this season.

Not surprised in the least that you would chirp in here trying to invent an argument though. That’s what you do.

In the open thread, wasn’t it you that predicted Beilein would not be the head coach “365 days from now”?

Yes. I’ll let you figure out the rest. Think hard.