Potential grad transfer additions

I prefer alstrotk off the film. He looks real deal.

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Do those of you who want Johnson favor him over a 2018 recruit? The two years available could be a strength but it could also be a detriment.

Thinking about it a bit more, maybe with all the youth on the roster, having one less 2018 commitment could be a good thing for age balance on the roster.

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For sure. Dylan had a good piece about the PNR and how that may affect our approach. I think Alstork helps us out more offensively given his experience with the ball in his hands. CJ seems to score predominantly assisted buckets and also eats up a 2018 scholarship. Proven commodity, yes. Just unsure how he’d fit.

I had the same thought. The flip side is its looking more and more like we’ll have scholarships available that we didn’t necessarily plan on before (Moe and DJ’s NBA stock).

Either way, for the 2018 season alone, I’d rather have Johnson over a recruit, but if we can have our cake and eat it too then I’m happy

HUGE concern of mine. I think Livers and Poole will be two guys more ready to contribute immediately that we’ve had in recent years and it’s already difficult to find playing time for them.

X, Alstork, MAAR, Duncan, Matthews, DJ, Wagner, backup big leaves basically no playing time for freshmen, even if they are ready to contribute.

I’m confused about your comment that it looks more and more like we’ll have scholarships available we didn’t plan on because of the draft stock of Mo and D.J. I’ve seen exactly 1 mock draft which has Mo as a first rounder in '17 and 1 (a different 1) with D.J. as a first rounder in '17 (both at the bottom of the round) against a series which do not have them in that category. Of course, it is certainly possible that either or both could declare and stay in, projected first rounder or not, but other than espn with respect to D.J. alone, I haven’t seen anyone who thinks it is likely (especially with respect to Mo, who isn’t listed on espn’s possibles list), and I have seen a lot of reporting that it is unlikely that either will leave from diverse sources. Is this just a pessimism based post? Or is there something I’ve missed?

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Sure, in two completely different offenses. He shot almost 40 more free throws and 30 more two pt attempts.

I think he’d play a different role at Michigan (no doubt he’d keep shooting) and is much more capable then Duncan, or just a catch/shoot guy.

And yes, the selling point for me is he has two years and we could focus on Weems in '19 instead of missing Ryan/Carmody in '18. Keep recruiting Hunter at the 3, Johns at the 4.

His FTA/FGA is a bit better (26% vs 15%), but that’s still pretty low. He played a lot more minutes than Duncan so hard to look at raw counting stats. The ratio of twos vs threes is very similar.

Where the program stands today, it seems highly unlikely that both of Wilson and Wagner will be on the roster in 2018-18, so adding Johnson for '17-18 & '18-19 wouldn’t really change how a projected 3-man Class of '18 appeared to be trending in November/December/January

Is Beilein sold on a PnR base offense? I’m legitimately asking.

He didn’t feature the PnR much until Burke emerged. And then after that he’s had players better suited for that offense (Stauskas, LeVert), so he’s continued with it. With the potential for a void in quality trigger man for the PnR, would Beilen revert more to the 1-in/4-out off-ball screen game?

Good point but a minor correction, Beilein started PnR after he hired Leval Jordan and it was Darius Morris at PG. PnR btw D-Mo and J-Mo was the story of that season.

I don’t think that Beilein has to stick with PnR and it is not the only way of his offense.

I was referring to them being gone in 2018, after returning this year, which would mean we could “afford” to have Johnson and still recruit as planned (although maybe focusing a little more on bigs than originally planned) for the 2018 cycle.

Added this video to the front page:

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Bamba, Alstork, or Johnson. Count me as very happy if any of these three guys commit. All three are excellent additions, IMO. First to commit gets the job. Zero regrets.


So does the campus visit before offer rule apply here? I guess they could indicate an offer is waiting if he makes the visit.

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No. I know the tweet said offer, but no offer yet as usual.

Brendan talked to him here:


I’m starting to fall into this camp as well. Obviously Bamba is Plan A, and I don’t think JB will officially offer the grad transfers until he knows the plans of Bamba/Moe/DJ. But, I hate the scenario of missing out on top grad transfers who may have chosen us, and then also missing out on Bamba. I hope the timelines align, and if the players’ interest is legit, that they’re willing to wait it out.


I always envisioned us waiting for the Bamba decision at all costs. With the Alstork and CJ interest I don’t know. If we pick up CJ, for example, prior to knowing what DJ and Wagner are going to do then we are good if they stay and it only increases our odds with Bamba if one of them leave.

I doubt they do anything until Bamba decides, unless there’s other attrition. If the staff really feels like they have a good shot for a guy like that, they’ll wait. The timing probably won’t be a big problem in that Alstork seems committed to going through the NBA process as much as he can, and he doesn’t have to stop that until late May. Johnson too wants to take visits, it sounds like and might want to wait on draft decisions for other teams too.

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