Potential Assistant Coaches


Quinn drops another Illinois State coach, Luke Yaklich, as a candidate.


Yaklich would fit the bill as a defensive guy, also has strong ties to the Illinois Wolves AAU program.


Sounds like a nice fit. If it happens, guess the Illinois State coach won’t be sending Beilein a Christmas card this year. Rough business but I’m sure they all understand the coaching ladder.



Few notes on Ill St. defense, etc.


Also Illinois State transfer Deontae Hawkins is on the market and immediately eligible. He was going to BC, decommitted from there and is visiting New Mexico and Gonzaga. No clue if there would be any interest on UM’s part (looks like he was suspended at one point for a DUI) but he’s 6-8, 220 and blocks shots, hits threes, and rebounds.


Sign me up


I hope Beilein read his diary to see if his heart’s really in Illinois.


Hawkins also seems to have had a DUI last season. This could simply be a young person who made a mistake, but Beilein tends to steer clear of situations like that.


Yep, mentioned the suspension and that is obviously a red flag. No clue about the situation, just noting that he’s on the market. Another Ill State kid (MiKylie McIntosh) also grad transferred this offseason and is heading to Oregon.


My bad. I scanned your post and for some reason didn’t register the DUI mention.


AA is a great place to live if you’ve had driving issues in the past. Public bussing isn’t too bad and since it’s a college town, most things you need are concentrated in accessible areas. Just gotta assign a trustworthy teammate to be chauffeur.


I think the bigger issue is that it speaks to a certain lack of judgment. There’s Uber just about anywhere now, it isn’t really hard to not get a DUI.

I thought the DUI was old, but apparently more recent and sounds like Memphis took a hard pass. I’m guessing this is a non-starter, but who knows.


The good news is we have two of his former coaches who know whether it was just a really dumb mistake or if he’s someone with bigger character issues. I’m sure if we don’t look deeper at him we’ll know what the answer is.


Well, one :slight_smile: I doubt that Haynes has even coached him considering he was transferring and Haynes wasn’t hired until May.


I only say driving issues because the chief worry might be he is a risk do it again. But AA isn’t a bad place to live if the coaches expressed concerns or had stipulations regarding his driving (though he will have some via judge ruling because of pleading guilty).


Lol, I totally missed that we took him before he even started coaching there. They get screwed even more than we did by coaching changes.


Hope we recruit him and get him. He would fit a desperate need, so we could leave DR on the bench,


should i like these hires…they seem very low profile


Yes jon. Yes.