Potential Assistant Coaches


That would be sweet! Spike in the coaching pipeline would be great.


Make sense to promote Hunter. And who will be better than Spike to mentor the young guards?




wow i missed a lot of posts. seems like thread bounced around. has there been any updates, or hirings imminent. Cliff notes?


I think the difference is Davis looks to me at least to be a tough kid. Donnall was pretty soft and clearly was all over mentally. I buy into the davis hype a bit becuase his aau films always showed a physical tough player who not only was ok with contact but often iniated it.

I also though he showed really nice footwork and a soft touch. I haven’t read all of the hype that people speak of so I am not sure what stands out. Hopefully he is atheltic enough to compete.


whats the connection?


As a reference point…

Here are Indiana’s assistant coaching salaries for the new staff:
Ostrom 315k
Flint 300k
Schilling 275k
Marshall 210k (strength coach)
Comar 200k (assistant AD for Basketball)


Hoping this is done next week, who knows what direct JB will go.


Heard Josh Henschke of the Michigan Insider on WTKA this morning that Michigan has chosen DeAndre Haynes from Illinois State as one of the new assistant coaches. He’s 33 and played at Detroit Southwestern and then Kent State. He was the MAC player of the year as a senior. After his overseas playing career was over, he coached at Kent State for 4 years then moved to Toledo for a year and then to Illinois State after this past season.

He has the Detroit and Midwest ties and was a PG so I’m sure he will work closely with the guards at Michigan. Seems to fall in line with previous hires like BA, LaVall and Saddi. Hopefully, he works out as well as those guys.


Interesting. I wonder what this means for Chris Hunter since many were hoping for a more experienced guy to pair with Hunter. On the other hand, it would make sense to hire someone to work with the guards to combine with Hunter who can work with the bigs.


Maybe Hunter should cut his teeth elsewhere for a few years before coming back.


Hunter would theoretically be the big man coach so Haynes really has no effect on him.


I thought Saddi worked with the bigs? I remember that he got dinged the first time b/c Beilein thought he needed more experience with bigs, which he got at Oakland subsequently.


He did last year. But if Saddi, a 6’2" college guard, can work with bigs, my guess is that he can work with wings or guards as well.


The story that Beilein tells is that he hired Bacari over Saddi because Bacari could coach bigs. Then Saddi went to Kampe and said let me coach bigs. Fast forward and Saddi was hired and Beilein put him coaching the bigs.


I get that. However, what I read bebopson to be suggesting is that we can’t hire Hunter to coach bigs because Saddi coaches bigs. What I’m saying is that if JB wants to hire Hunter to coach bigs, I’m very confident that Saddi could easily make the transition.


Yeah, I was agreeing with you :slight_smile:


I think someone with experience will get the other spot. I heard Glen Miller was getting a look.


Oops. :slight_smile: I’m preparing for a hearing–guess I’ve got the adversarial juices flowing. My bad.


I didn’t mean to imply that. I don’t know how roles are divided up or shared. People could be wearing multiple hats for all I know. Maybe the third guy?