Poll: Project Michigan's Big Ten record at the end of January

Here’s the schedule with KenPom ranks and projections…

  • 0-9
  • 1-8
  • 2-7
  • 3-6
  • 4-5
  • 5-4
  • 6-3
  • 7-2
  • 8-1
  • 9-0

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The road games at Illinois and Nebraska and the home game against Maryland really seem like pivotal swing games early on. Michigan would gain a ton of confidence from those early ones and they are probably winnable games, but they won’t be easy either.

The first game, at Illinois, is key to that whole 9 game stretch. It could be the difference between 7-2 and 5-4.


I would be surprised at anything better than 6-3. I see losses against Purdue/Iowa, and probably split Maryland/Illinois.

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PSU x2 along with Minnesota, Rutgers, and Nebraska just have to be wins. The opener at Illinois is no gimme however, but could be a nice springboard to a potential 6-3 first half conference start. Anything better than 6-3 would make me very excited.


Not ready to compare this team to the 2013-14 team, but man that January stretch has some similarities.

If we would have taken a straw poll at the end of the non-conference season I think everyone would have guessed 6-3. That game at Illinois is just so critical and the home game against Maryland is a great chance for a quality W.

The back half of our B1G schedule is just brutal. It is very important to get 6-7 wins in the first half, cause things could fall apart quickly after that.

There are seriously 3 votes for 0-9 (1), 1-8 (1), and 2-7 (1)?


I think that’s just the way the forum is rounding them.

I’m an optimistic guy and I would have only predicted 5 wins in that stretch. Getting news of no McGary and having an OOC loss to Charlotte really had me worried about Big Ten play.

That’s weird

Probably the usual trolls on this forum.

Guys nobody voted for 0 or 1 win. It is just rounding. Do the math with the number of votes and you can see it’s impossible to have a one percent.


Right as of this time you have 14 for 6-3, 5 for 5-4, 4 for 7-2, 1 for 8-1 and wow would you look at that it equals 24 voters. This isn’t hard guys.

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I do not see any way possible that Illinois can hang with Michigan. They struggle big time beating awful teams and teams that shoot 3s do do very well against them. I know he projected a win vs Illinois but for it to be a close game they would have to play a perfect game.

Thanks, cap’n.

Opening game of the Big Ten. Illinois will bring their best. All things being equal, Michigan should win this game.

Well, people voted for 9-0, which is almost as ridiculous, even though we’ll almost probably be closer to that than to 0-9.

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6-3 is probably the most realistic, +/- 1, with 5-4 more likely than 7-2. Projecting us as a favorite against Maryland is one of those WTF Ken Pom anti-reality moments, though. We’ve gotten pantsed by every other team we’ve played that’s even remotely that good.


The problem is that if you’re playing spotty defense and not rebounding well, almost anyone can hang with you. The way our bigs have been playing so far, almost every game is going to hinge on whether our three point shooting is good that night or not.