Podcast: The megapod you’ve all been waiting for


Been relentlessly refreshing all morning for this. :pray:


praise be to yall

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MSU didn’t go 1-2 in Maui…

Sorry, typo. Fixed.

Moved this up over 11 podcasts to be next in my queue


That is a lot of podcasts! Any good recs for my drive to Louisville tomorrow?

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Unforunately, I’m really bad at giving podcast recommendations since everything I listen to are all niche focused. Michigan hoops, general college basketball (I’m giving Titus and Tate’s new podcast another shot), Survivor, movies, Pardon My Take, politics. I listen to The Daily for news but that’s almost the most basic recommendation that can ever be given. :rofl:

Who made the intro music?

I don’t remember, we bought it off of an online site w/ stock music or whatnot. If someone wants to come up with a better intro, we are open to it. :rofl:

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Oh no, it fits well IMO. I just didn’t know if you or Brendan made it.

Running from Cops was a entertaining 4-5 episode podcast that could fit that drive.

Didn’t realize till Brendan said it, that Dylan was the lone Michigan writer to actually cover the Atlantis. I’m sure it’s not cheap to cover but kind of weak that the Free Press, Det News and MLive sent no one down there to cover the event especially with the quality of teams down there.

Guess that’s why I rely on UM Hoops and The Athletic for the best Michigan coverage by a mile.


Except BQ became a Michigan State fan last year :man_shrugging:

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Thanks. At its core, that is basically why I started the site a decade ago. For most of the local media, a football press conference on Wednesday is a bigger deal than a preseason basketball tourney under a brand new head coach.


Dylan, with all the driving you do during the winter months I hope you have a vehicle with 4WD/AWD and snow tires!

Well I’m glad you did. Michigan basketball was definitely under reported on before your site plus the quality of your coverage is so much better than your typical newspaper. Hopefully, the site is really taking off and obviously the interest should be up overall with the recent success of the program.


Your last paragraph is my thoughts as well

Thanks can’t wait to listen!!

Early question on Louisville. They give up a lot of threes, but have done a good job of preventing those shots from going in. Usually, the conventional wisdom on this blog is that that is a fluke and preventing attempts is the most you can do. However, looking through Chris Mack’s past teams, they seemingly always give up a lot of three point attempts but are good at defending them. Is there something about his pack-line defense that is able to force contested threes more than the average team? Is that a characteristic of the pack-line defense in general? What schematically causes that?