Podcast: The megapod you’ve all been waiting for

IIRC, Wisconsin is usually like that so I don’t think it might have something to do with the pack line. Not sure of exactly why, but I assume it is because the best threes are off of penetration and kick and the pack line doesn’t allow penetration. Instead, they are probably tougher contested threes?

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I looked into this at the college level last year and noticed it is often not as surefire as in the NBA, where the trend you described often plays out. Notably, UVA gives up a ton of threes year after year but opponents never make a high rate of them… and they have consistently been one of the very best defensive teams the past 5 years in college basketball.

I would need to watch more film on it to know for sure, but I would guess their opponents settle for a large number of difficult, late clock attempts, which increase opponents’ rate, but decreases their percentage, as @umhoops alludes to above.

So, seems like it’s likely a situation where pack-line just takes advantage of college ineffecencies. College players probably aren’t as good at finding the open man when it’s a less simple kick-out decision?

Any with Tim McCormick are really good.