Podcast: Saying hello to Franz Wagner and Joey Hauser


I’m just happy that the whole “Brandon Johns playing the 5” thing is (likely) over. I think he can have a big year


Can’t imagine any good reason for Johns to be used at the 5. With Teske, Castelton and Davis/Faulds, the 5 is as well manned as at any time in the Beilein era, and Johns is certainly not a natural at that position.

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IMO there will be players that flourish under Juwan Howard… could be Johns or Nunez or whoever your guess is as good as mine…

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Will Brendan’s new podcast with Nick interfere with The Moving Screen at all since there’ll definitely be come content overlap?

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Nope, business as usual for our pod right now.

Brendan’s pod with Nick, from what I understand, is going to be more episode based than time based. Not so much a ramble about the last week’s events (as our podcast currently is) but something you could pick up and listen to at any time. Recapping something in history, an in-depth conversation with someone, stuff like that.

Don’t want to speak for them, but that’s what I understand about the format, etc. Don’t expect there will be much overlap.