Franz Wagner is on campus

Franz is on campus.


Dylan I’m sorry but I’m gonna play the height game…So he’s a two guard that’s as tall as his NBA center brother. That’s fun


Mo is clearly leaning back and to the left. Franz is shorter than his NBA C brother. Expectations downgraded.

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Please can we not play the height game again :sweat_smile:


It’s honestly one of my favorite games, as a spectator sport that is :wink:

You really Zaprudered this photo…

Anyone know when the team photo is taken? On Michigan’s official roster, they don’t have pictures for Bajema and Wagner yet.

The height game will be fun once Juwan Howard starts appearing in the photos.


So I guess Cole Bajema gave up #22? The official roster has him at #21, and Bajema at #22.

I see Livers has switched to #2.

Yes, Bajema is #22 and Wagner #21. Livers switched to his high school #2 since Poole is no longer occupying it.

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No need for that. I cut out a JB cutout and keep it handy to hold up to the screen for these pictures. We’re good.


We all realize that Moe is standing on a box in that photo, right?

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Moe is trying to make young brother seem taller than he is. I will remind the readers when Moe was recruited he was 6 feet nine inches. He grew to 6 feet eleven and a half inches tall while at Michigan . Do not be surprised if little brother becomes 6 feet 10 inches at Uof M.

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It’s all gravy after Franz’s sophmore year, but I sure do hope Mo will be in his ear talking about how much fun college is compared with the pros.

Thanks for the insight Coach B