Podcast: Recapping Michigan’s win vs. Florida State and previewing UCLA

So jealous of the vaccine talk in here. I’m still not eligible out here in Massachusetts. Think I have another 2-3 weeks before it opens up to gen pop. Of course, I’m fortunate to be young, healthy, and have the ability to work from home, but it’ll be so sweet to finally get pumped full of that sweet, sweet vaccine juice.

I never got it and I am really glad I didn’t for the above reason. Even though I am young and healthy I would not trust myself to be asymptomatic.

I hear ya. I was so careful with everything but you can’t control when you have roommates. He got it while working up at TC. He wore mask and all that but I think it might be touching the surface and forgetting to sanitize his hands.

I say iconic play!

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I don’t believe the virus really transmits at all on surfaces. More likely it got through the mask

I got my second Pfizer yesterday morning. Was a bit more subdued of a Michigan game than usual for me and I’m not in tip top shape today (random bouts of nausea and some tiredness), but I expected it to be considerably worse. All worth it though!

Yeah the day after my initial dose of Moderna I was sitting pretty, thinking it was only a sore arm. Then, bam, 6:30 rolled around and I hit a brick wall. Tired, nauseous, chills. Pretty sure I went to bed around 7:30 and slept for about 12 hours.

Got my 2nd Moderna shot on Friday at 1pm. No symptoms all Friday, went to bed around 11. Woke up Saturday with the full bucketload of symptoms. Read somewhere online that it’s helpful to not take any OTC meds before the vax - done. Also read that taking OTC is probably best waiting until 24 hours post-shot - so the immune system has a chance to fully respond. Took a few Tylenol at 3pm and my world got better REAL quick. Just FYI, hopefully not passing along bad info.

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“You make shots you win, if you don’t, you lose.” - @umhoops

This is the hard hitting analysis that I signed up for! Glad that we are able to experience Dylan here before he becomes the next color commentator for BTN.

Jokes aside, love the pod. I agree that I would rather play a team that plays for the midrange than one that is normally good to shoot a ton of 3s. Having watched more PAC12 than I would care to admit this year(all of it on mute), I thought that USC & Oregon were good teams. UCLA hadn’t won a game in 3 weeks coming into the tourney, and Colorado lost to freaking Cal and Washington! I wasn’t too impressed with the conference coming in, but it shows why you play the games!

That being said… UCLA is extremely lucky to be in the position they are. I thought they should have lost to MSU, but they really should have lost to Alabama. Like under 50% from the line with 25 attempts!!! Unreal.

That being said, they have some ballers on the court that can take over a game. With UCLA wanting to keep possessions to a minimum, 2 or 3 tough contested makes could be the difference. I want to see HD eat this game. I think that’s where our largest advantage lies this game.


I have NEVER been an icon in my life! WOW! I mean, I am really something now! I’m an ICON! :rofl:

Seriously, I hope everyone can get their shot(s). My son qualifies in California because he works in the food biz. He works as Director of Procurement for a food distribution company, so he doesn’t actually handle food just directs a team of food purchasers who purchase food from all over the country, but still, as a food worker, he qualifies. The problem, of course, is he can’t get an appointment, and since he works all the freakin’ time “putting out fires” and trying to keep the business from going under he can’t spend time on a computer looking for a vaccination appointment. Drives me crazy!

I love that we are currently vaccinating over 2.5 million people a day, but we’ve just got to find ways to make it easier. Of course, I’m old so I had my second shot a month ago. It’s important guys. Stay vigilant. If you have to go to Toledo, GO! We SO have to get beyond this thing! OK, end of rant. The ICONIC one, OVER and OUT! :wink:


Same here. I’m from FL and live in Boston. All my friends give me crap for being a “Florida man,” but Florida men (and women) 18+ are all able to get the vaccine starting next Monday, whereas Mass is so far behind that timeline. Funny how that works.

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I have had the thought that it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility that we would be playing MSU in the Elite 8. I mean, they played one of their best halves of the season, still took them basically choking the game away for UCLA to win. BYU was not impressive and Abeline Christian was a 14 seed. Still doesn’t change my overall feelings about MSU’s (lack of) ability this year but I don’t think its terribly far fetched that we could have been seeing them tomorrow.


Maybe S16 but Alabama would have smoked them

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Got my second Moderna yesterday and other than a sore arm had no symptoms, possibly owing to drinking lots of water and taking ibuprofen immediately after the shot.

Was surprised by the psychological lift I got, though! Was elated sitting listening to horrible music in Walmart while I waited out my fifteen minutes. Will be even happier when wife and child obtain their second.

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Its not like I trusted State to win 4 games in a row either, but I would have thought Bama would have smoked UCLA too.

I didn’t even feel my first phyzer shot had no side effects. The second one my arm ached for 3 days, had the chills for one night and sore throat for 2 days. Nothing else since. It’s been 3 wks since my second shot.

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Try the CVS website after the game tonight—they open new appointments at midnight and it’s usually possible to find something if you don’t mind driving about 45 min. More sometimes open up at 6ish am. DM me if you’re having trouble. I just got the first Pfizer in Jackson yesterday.

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I’ve gotten both vaccines. I’ve just had a sore arm after both, nothing else. It did hurt a little more the second time but that was it.

I had to replay the pod several times at the 26:17 mark because I thought Dylan slipped and said Ben Cronin. Of course, I was wrong. If I’m this foggy headed today, I’m going to be pretty worthless tomorrow.

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Thanks for that info, I’ll give it a shot! (heh)

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