Podcast: Big happenings at Michigan


Dig the Quinn tidbit at the end that he is hearing that Diabate is down to UK and Michigan


Yeah, a big piece of news in a very quiet recruitment. I’d be happy with Reid, but prefer Diabate if he’s a legitimate option, which, sounds like he is.


I remember this spring I listened to a podcast where diabate said Michigan was one of the 3-4 schools recruiting him the hardest(uk was not listed but they hadn’t offered yet). Have to imagine the pro route may be the number 1 option though.

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The big worry with Diabate is that he also is considering pro options. If he were to choose Michigan and it costs them Reid then that would hurt.


Reid is an interesting one for me. Nothing screams NBA about the guy but I think there’s an article out there that he’s potentially exploring those options as well, and likely thinks of himself as 1 or 2 and done (as do MANY prospects so I’m not faulting him for that). I’d certainly take him, but I could see a transfer having a similar impact to him if he’s only around 2 years. So what I’m saying is I would be ok with risking no C in this class if it means potentially getting Diabete.

This week Brian Snow said his mom wants him to go the pro route, sounds like it will take the pros having very little interest to convince him otherwise.

Impressed that you got to this point in the podcast less than an hour after I published it. :rofl:


It was an easy and immediate distraction from other things today… also listening at 1.75 speed helps. I swear whenever I hear yours and Brendans voice not sped up, it’s exhausting bc you are such “slow” talkers


Definitely appreciated the podcast today of all days. Dylan having to tell Brendan to stop anxiously tapping was oddly comforting.


My house got flooded last weekend so I appreciate a distraction for different reasons. I’m in a motel until the fans leave so there’s not much to do.

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I feel your pain! We’re down to 2 liveable rooms because of flooding and still 3 weeks before the flooring is replaced and work gets started. The fans were a nightmare!

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I still fall on the Dylan side of the discussion about the roles and positions within the rotation. But more and more I get the feeling that the sentiment inside the program is “play our best guys and a traditional 5” … though obviously it is impossible to know until they hit the court. I loved Dylan’s observation about assist rate and having to replace Simpson’s top-5 rate and none of the wings on the roster having even a quarter of what X did.


In other words, I think we know our best 8 players and it is likely a pretty significant drop off from #8 (Johns) to the rest (Nunez, Jackson, Williams, Faulds). So if I’m the coach (which would be a bad idea…I’d be a terrible coach) and I want to maximize the use of our best guys both in positions that best suit them or best maximize the sum of our parts…

PG - Smith (25), Brooks (15)
SG - Brooks (20), Wagner (15), Brown (5)
SF - Wagner (15), Brown (20), Livers (5)
PF - Livers (30), Brown (5), Johns (5)
C - Davis (15), Dickinson (20), Johns (5)


I think there’s a decent chance Zeb will be good enough to give 5-10 minutes either as the PG or SG. I don’t think Brooks will need to play 35 minutes every night but we will see.

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I also thought the assist rate stat was compelling.

Could funnel 5 of Brooks minutes to Brown and 5 of Brown’s minutes to Johns and the rotation would still work

For sure. I used round numbers counting by 5s. I expect Livers and Brooks to end up somewhere like 32-34 and Brown/Wagner to be more in the 26-32 range somewhere.

I didn’t bother to include the other guys because I think they’ll end up like Nunez last year in that they will get 2-8 minutes per game depending on a variety of situations. I do think we’ll see Jackson, Williams, and Faulds at times - but too small to count and make the math work.

Well, as I said below, I rounded by 5s. I actually think Brooks will be somewhere between 32-34. I disagree that he’ll play 30 or less though.

Last year on a team where we had three true guards we saw Simpson play 34, Brooks play 32, and DDJ play 21. This year Brooks is the only proven guard on the roster. We hope/expect Smith to play a lot…but he may top out at 25-30. We hope/expect Wagner/Brown to play some minutes at the 2 even if it is out of position. But finding 80 minutes at guard is pretty hard and with Brooks being the only proven player and our best defender at the guard position - you can lock in 32+ minutes.

I do think Zeb is going to play. I think Howard will give him similar treatment to Nunez last year - a shift in the first half and see how it goes. Some games Zeb won’t play because everyone else is doing well. Some games he might get 10 minutes when things click.

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Who are you disagreeing with? BP3 never said Brooks would play 30 minutes or less.