Pete Kahler, Kam Chatman's father hired at UD

Pete Kahler and Kam’s father hired to UD staff

Huh. I never knew Pete Kahler was a guy looking to get into the coaching ranks.

very interesting twist of the Chatman ordeal !

Basically not too different from the Dawkins.

Was Bacari the main recruiter of Kam?

Kahler was on the road during the live period looking at younger players on the East Coast. It’s a very rare occasion that someone on staff doesn’t want to move up and be an assistant at some point.

Yeah, I don’t think many people have their sights set on being a DOBO for their entire career.

I hope there is a solid process in place to transfer any/all knowledge he gained while representing UM during the live period? (not meant as a controversial statement)

Any one underneath Pete on staff in line for a promotion to DOB or new hire?

I’m sure it has already been discussed. The live period was only two weekends in April.

Not really. Hunter is in the Dir of Player Personnel role, but Michigan still needs to announce a DOBO, video coordinator and a graduate manager.

Thanks, wouldn’t mind seeing them bring back a former player like they did with Hunter.

Yeah, I’m all for hiring former players but Hunter’s position is a lot better for that than DOBO, generally speaking.

I’d wager former Grad Manager Bryan Smothers would be in the mix for DOBO or Vid guy. Seems like the logical progression.

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Good call, was thinking there was someone else on staff but couldn’t remember.

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