Over/under predictions

Saw this over at Illini Inquirer (http://www.scout.com/college/illinois/story/1716629-illini-hoops-season-over-unders) and seemed like a fun idea.

You guys send in over/under numbers for anything about Michigan this season (they had all sorts of things from Malcolm Hill 30 point games to Mike Thorne double doubles to Big Ten wins, etc.)

Fun idea, you guys name the question and set the odds and I’ll try to answer them in a post on the front page.

Duncan Robinson’s 3 pt % in Big Ten play - O/U at 37.5%. For context, he shot 31.5% in conference play last year, 32% if you count the conference tournament.

Minutes per game DJ Wilson plays. O/U at 10 mpg.

Teske averages 3 blocks per 40 minutes.
Team defensive efficiency improves to 95.0 from 2016’s 99.0 (ken pom metric).

O/U 2 guys on the team finish the season shooting > 40% from three

O/U 1.5 wins in the NCAA tournament this year

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I’m not very good at this so apologies if these odds are bad but it sounds fun. Some ideas to pick and choose from:

O/U 4.5 Michigan wins versus teams that end up making the NCAA Tournament
O/U 7.5 games in which Simpson scores 10+ points
O/U 3.5 Michigan dunks per game
O/U 5.5 True road wins
O/U 2.5 Wagner double-doubles
O/U 1.5 games in which a Michigan player scores 30+
O/U 0.5 further additions to the 2017 class

O/U 10.5 Big Ten wins
O/U 24 mpg for Moe
O/U 100 complaints from fans on the board about JB’s recruiting :slight_smile:


Number of 2pt Assists (non-3pt Assists) per game O/U 7.5
PPP allowed in B1G play O/U 1.00

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Heck, I could get us over 100 complaints all by myself.


These are good ones guys… exactly what I’m looking for. Feel free to keep 'em coming.

Xavier averages 3.5+ assists/game [edit] per 40 minutes

Drop that over/under A LOT. For comparison, D Walt averaged 2.9 as a freshman, lol.

I don’t think it is out of the question if he is actually the most gifted passer on the team (which Walton was not in 13-14), but he would need to be getting serious minutes which means either injuries or 2 tiny guard sets more than one would think.

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O/U 1.5 - Number of players to foul out of a game during league play.

MAAR - assists/game - 2.5
Donnal - 3pt made/game - 0.5
Robinson - 3pt made season - 100

Sorry if anyone has already listed the same or similar ones…

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O/U 6.5 games in which walk-ons collectively play more than 2 minutes
O/U 70.5 KenPom AdjD ranking at the end of the season

I’m curious to see not only Dylan’s responses to all these but also what the majority of posters here would pick too. Good stuff

Number of games played before we will see Wilson and another big (6’10’’ or taller) on the floor together. O/U 1.5

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O/U 0.5 times where JB opts not to autobench

O/U 2.5 wins in that brutal 6-game stretch (IU, @MSU, OSU, MSU, @IU, Wis).

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