Over/under predictions

Excited to write this one up this weekend. Think there’s some really interesting discussion points in here.

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Donnal is listed at 6’9" - does he count?


Including walk ones in relevant minutes only? Or all games any situation?

Win streaks:
non conference o/u:6
Conference o/u:4

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It’s a good question. I suppose meaningful minutes might be more relevant, but I did factor garbage time blowouts into my O/U.

Wagner and Wilson will play together in game 1 IMO

O/U 30 mpg for MAAR

90% (descriptive body)

o/u 7.5 Number of players averaging double digit minutes this season.

o/u 4.5 Number of minutes per game where we play a lineup with Walton, Simpson and MAAR all on the court at once.

o/u 50 Opponent’s 2 point shooting percentage.

o/u 13 Opponent’s turnovers per game.

o/u 22 3s taken per game by Michigan.

I’ll take the under on 4.5 mpg for 3 guard lineups. I think belein rotates them through those two spots.

Yes, he counts.

Probably in the first half.

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Nice job Dylan, fun way to attack some questions – it also will provide some good barometers to check in on at various points through the season.

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How did they turn out?

Nice job on those predictions and there were some pretty spot on O/U lines. This seems like a good yearly feature.

Some of the lines that you guys threw out there were almost exact. Impressive.

Its funny, at a macro level this team performed at about what we hoped/expected before the season. Based on the O/U lines, you could probably say the same on a “micro” level as well.
But the journey of a college basketball season, and how they get there is so different than what we predict.

That’s college hoops. The ups and downs are something else. As I always try to say: you’re never as bad as you look when you lose or as good as you look when you win.

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