Orlando Magic select Jett Howard with No. 11 pick in 2023 NBA Draft


Every time i think i know something about basketball, I’m reminded that i don’t.


Congrats Jett! Orlando an absolute wolverine magnet. Is that pure coincidence, or is there some sort of connection between the Magic and UM?


Let the Michigan fans hate, Jett!! Prove them wrong and go kill :triumph:

Let’s goooo


I will say … I wonder what Jett’s season looks like without the ankle injury. The drop off in 2P% was so staggering. Hard to say it didn’t have an impact.

Needs to grow up a lot but the skill package has always been ridiculous.


Do they play defense in Orlando?

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Just reading I love how people hate and make fun of Jett as if he was the problem last year

Like dude we had Will Tschetter starting :sob:

I’ll never understand why Michigan fans scapegoat and dislike Jett so much but I love him and think his game has some high potential upside


we will support all our Wolverines


Well they have Anthony Black and Franz Wagner, so a lot of defense is covered. They needed shooting with the pick.


Yeah, Jett over Dick is the surprising part about the pick imo

If you’re betting on upside, Jett offers more offensively than Dick. I kinda get the pick in a vacuum.

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I definitely don’t think the season was his fault. I don’t think he was a good pick in the slot, at all. I’m not sure if that’s “hating”.

And they start Fultz and Carter is a good defender. Defense is quite good, definitely needed shooting.

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Jett carries himself well.

I like the pick for the Magic and for Jett. The Magic needed shooting, so Jett falls into a position where his paramount NBA skill will be valued. Team is very young and undisciplined at times, so there isn’t a lot of veteran presence (which I think would have been beneficial from a “correcting poor habits” perspective). Wish we could combine Black and Jett.

Last comment - wonder what this does for Caleb’s long term chances to stick with the team…gotta think they’re going to give every opportunity to the 11th pick, and Caleb was already fringe.


At some point a guy who’s primary skill is shooting has to shoot (this is a Houstan comment, not a Jett comment). This is the risk with guys like Houstan (or Jett, Dick, Hawkins) - their value is tied mostly to their jump shot because they don’t bring that much to the table, and just being capable (35%ish) won’t carry the rest of their game - they need to make closer to 40 on larger volume.


His reputation as a shooter was so incredibly high coming into Michigan that I just assumed his freshman year was a small sample size/acclimation issue but to see it again in his first NBA year is concerning. If he doesn’t shoot the ball well this year I’d pretty much cement him being done in the NBA.

I don’t think you really plan around second round picks.


You don’t. Just saying the opportunities will probably not be there now to show that he can stick.

If he was a second rounder who came in and blistered the nets, it would be a different conversation (and maybe the Magic don’t even draft Jett at 11).

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That team still needs shooting really badly. Their current starting 5 with guys under contract is probably something like

Fultz (almost a complete non-shooter)
Suggs (27% on 500 NBA threes so far, major injury concerns too)
Wagner (maintained efficiency on an additional three per 36 this year, but still just “fine” here - 36% on 4 a game)
Banchero (30% on 4 a game, will probably improve but probably not be elite at threes)
Carter (developed a lot here, got up to 35% on 4.5 attempts a game, pretty good for a 5)

Anthony can shoot off the bench, Gary Harris is still there for 1 more year, Bol Bol can shoot and give help-side rim protection but not much else, Jonathan Isaac may be done and can’t shoot anyway, Mo isn’t a good three point shooter, Black hopes to get to adequacy, Jett, Houstan

I can see them still giving Houstan a chance just because of profile, but obviously things need to really change.

A troika of adequate shooters on moderate volume in the starting lineup, and some bench guys with glaring holes in their non shooting game won’t cut it - especially since the IDEA at the moment is probably Black as the future at PG.

The team has lots of other things going with it - sheer size, passing and creation at all 5 positions, defense