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Why would we be doing this? I don’t get it.

Exactly. Waste of time unless Evans is wrong about the prospect but I doubt it since Monteverde retweeted

Andrew Nembhard is also at Monteverde now as well, correct?

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Very good point. Evans just has the wrong prospect, at least I hope.

Mr. Quinn thinks it’s for Carr.

That would be insane

Why, don’t we need a 6’2 170lb pg? Lol

There has to be a mistake somewhere

Beilein also has a policy of not officially recruiting players before summer of his Junior season, correct? This could be a “work-around” with that policy. Pop in on the prospect who may be an “emergency take” in order to stay visible for the younger prospect you really want 2-3 years from now?

I am hoping that’s exactly it. Who knows these days.

No, he recruits, just doesn’t offer. I mean you’re really stretching the JB love fest here lol

He should take a look at RJ Barrett while he’s at it.

It’s not a “love fest” it’s just being reasonable with program expectations and recogniIng that, by-and-large, the current coach is meeting-to-exceeding reasonable expectations.

I don’t think Beilein is perfect; plenty of times in-game I’m screaming at the TV set wishing he’d use a different strategy or sub-rotation, plenty of times I wondered why he has or hasn’t recruited a certain prospect. But I do think he deserves a LOT of latitude in player-personnel/recruiting decisions.

Overall 2 B1G banners, a Final4 and another Elite8 — you have to go back to Johnny Orr in the '70s to find the last Michigan coach with those credentials. And let’s be honest about the state of the program from '98-07; he’s taken a program that was in the conference basement for a decade and turned it in to a perennial NCAA Tournament team.