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Still keeping tabs on Easley


Staff checked in on Hunter this morning.


Evans adamant that JB viewing Carr


I’m scared for our future.


I mean come on… there’s a couple valid reasons to be concerned about the future like missing on top targets or bad defense but visiting a single prospect who happens to go to school with what should be a top priority '19 target should absolutely not push you to “scared for our future.”


Why? Because he watched someone? Has Carr been offered? Has he come up on a visit, official or otherwise, or has one even been discussed? And would you not have him continue to watch potential players in case a commitment bolts, ala Battle last year?

There are plenty of reasons to criticize our recruiting. This does not seem to be one of them to me.


I did go a little far but it was mainly sarcasm. I hope Carr is not the real reason beilein was in the building.


I always like to see M showing interest in Canadian prospects but man, this seems pretty redundant for the last '17 spot.


If he’s really evaluating a '17 PG it makes me wonder if something’s not right with the current crop.


Multiple sources claiming the interest is for Carr. This is bizarre. There has to be more here


Please no.


Have you seen Carr play?


Beilein watched Robby Carmody today.

Headed to La Lu on Wednesday.




Anyone seen anything about visitors for this weekend? Had a big one last weekend but figured we’d have an equally if not bigger visit weekend for the Wisconsin game and the Jordan launch.


Hope at the very least they get the local kids back in (even those in the past two weeks). This sort of thing at one of the blue bloods would have every big alum and every big time recruit. I did see that they closed registration which hopefully means its full. Worst thing for a recruit to see would be if the place was half empty.


I agree I’d like to see Weems and Watts back in for it.