Offseason Discussion Thread


LOL @ MSU being a two when their so-called greatest team ever was only a three (and based on resume should have been lower).


Detroit hires Mike Davis, as has been rumored for a bit. Seems like a good hire to me.


Did a double take there: thought you meant the Pistons!


Figured I would drop this in here… Wrote this piece over at The Athletic and it is unlocked for now.

Looking at the center position and what it might look like next year.


Damn, pulling double-duty. Will the other position analyses be unlocked as well?


Outside of my control so not sure, but I’d guess no. We are doing player-by-player pieces here which will cover a lot of the same bases.


That fair. I see that your PG analysis is locked.


I hope that CC pushes for minutes late in the season as Mo did his freshmen year, and I will bet that Livers plays more than Davis at 5.


That picture of Teske is absolutely majestic.


Btw guys, hypothetical depth chart two years down the row if we land our dream class of Wilson, Carton, McDaniels and Eli goes pro.

PG - Simpson - Dejulius
SG - Poole - Carton - Nunez
SF - Iggy - Wilson
PF - Johns - McDaniels - Livers
C - Teske - Castleton - Davis

idk how we would even play everyone who would need playing time tbh


Eli goes pro…?


I love the optimism though.


Lol. You can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…


Welp, 247 is rather bullish on Matthews… I actually think this is a pretty bad list overall though lol


I’d be very surprised if Ward or Matthews were All Americans.


LOL I’m pretty sure him saying Eli goes pro was a nice way of saying something else


Nope. Whether Reegs was using a euphemism or not I’m with him! I’m full on the Eli Express. Typical JB Freshman to Sophomore blow up after camp Sanderson-ization incoming and he’ll be our next surprise early entry.


Random note, but it’s pretty interesting to see Illinois State’s defense fall from 19 to 139 after Yaklich’s departure.


Good to hear:
All spending both sessions in Ann Arbor this spring/summer. On top of that a European trip. We could see a lot of growth.
Coach Beilein hoping for 2” vertical increase from Big Jon Teske!


mgoblog’s new site debacle really makes me appreciate how damn easy it is to navigate everything on here.