Offseason Discussion Thread


This x 1,000,000,000,000


Imo, the mgoblog website is easily fixed with some slight tweaks to the CSS with media queries. The issue is that the “content” column is simply too thin on desktop so you have a TON of wasted space. And everything is just too big in general (drop the font size, banner size, etc.). So you barely fit any content on the actual page and you have to do a lot more vertical scrolling.


Shout out to the classic umhoops design though


Glory days of early UMHOOPS. Love it. And great choice of 5KPs!


It’s painfully obvious that there are several things that need to be fixed with the 3.0 version of mgoblog but having been a poster there for nearly 10 years I am skeptical they will be addressed.


Michigan’s August trip will be to Spain, per Beilein in this podcast. Seems like they haven’t officially confirmed it but he says the plan is to play 3-4 tough games in Spain.


Is there a chance to play an ACB team or is that impossible to get them to agree to?

I just really want the comp to be better than our last trip. Was basically impossible to take anything away from it.


If I recall correctly, it is hard to get great games over there because the Euro hoops calendar hasn’t really started so a lot of top teams aren’t all set, etc.


Fantastic, I am gong to be in Spain for vacation the last two weeks of Aug. Hope that I can catch one of such games.


This game is finally happening


Air Force was 237 on KenPom last year and 253 in RPI. They lose 5 seniors


8 games locked in now… Beilein mentioned on Andy Katz’s podcast that U-M was considering adding another high-major game to the schedule, but didn’t think it was necessary with 20-game Big Ten slate.


So no Cincinnati then, eh?


I don’t think so. UC announced most of their big non-conference games to try to sell tickets and Michigan wasn’t there. There aren’t even many dates to fit it in the schedule as far as I can tell if they wanted to try.


Yeah that series must have quietly been canceled.


I know AF was bad last season but at least they aren’t a MEAC or SWAC outfit. Their conference is at least decent even if they aren’t, for what little that’s worth.


Do you know the dates of their Spain trip?


Anyone know what day the freshmen arrive on campus? Was just wondering if it coincides with Carton visiting later this month.


Summer term starts June 27th I know, so it might be a little before then? I imagine that depends if they’re taking courses or not.


I’m sure they have to be on campus before the first day of class given orientation, Bridge program, etc. So I’d expect they arrive the weekend before that, but don’t know the exact date.