Offseason Discussion Thread


Iowa?? Um why?


I actually think Iowa could be tough too.


I think Iowa could be good, but I dislike so much about Fran’s X’s and O’s.


Big ten should be real tough this year. Jackson and Huerter helped a lot by leaving. I like our chances to be very good this year again but I’m slightly worried. Lots of people have to step up big, I have feeling they will but it worried me a little about our consistency.

I think Indiana could be really dangerous. They accumulated a lot of talent over the last two years and I like Morgan and Davis.

I actually think Michigan st will come through for once this year. I’m going to give Izzo some credit (not sure why) and assume he will be smart enough to use and pound ward all day long, which will be tough to stop alongside Tillman. I also think langford will finally step up.

If everything falls into place for us though, we’d be pretty tough again.


Indiana definitely just has that feel that they’re going to pounce back onto the scene with a vengeance. But I like UMich’s chances of winning the league as much as anyone else.


You guys aren’t feeling Wisconsin?


My issue with Wisconsin is that they were so bad last year that even if they make fairly optimistic improvements, they still won’t be that good. Particularly since their highest rated recruit is Taylor Currie

Edit: I really like Brad Davison though


i was going to post that, but I’m at work so I cut it short. I think they could certainly be dangerous with a 33 year old Ethan Happ.


I think Wisconsin is going to be pretty decent. Brad Davidson is only going to get better.


I think Archie has his Chris Holtmann breakthrough season next year. He got lucky getting Morgan back and with Romeo. Who knows how sustainable it will be…my guess is Holtmann falls back to earth pretty hard this year but Indiana could be solid for the foreseeable future

I don’t think any fan in the Big Ten wouldn’t trade the state of their team’s program for where Michigan is at under Beilein right now. What a crazy turnaround


Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I’m thinking to put IU as my #2 team and primary contender against Michigan.


The question is will the league lose a lot of respect now that Izzo’s greatest Spartan team is no longer intact?!


hmm i forgot about ohio st, i wonder how they will be. I’d have to look at thier lineup again though.


This approximates what the IU roster looks like? Good frontcourt but a garbage backcourt excluding Romeo. How good of a shooter is he?

PG - Devonte Green - Curtis Jones
SG - Romeo Langford - Alijami Durham
SF - Justin Smith - Zach McRoberts - Damezi Anderson
PF - Juwan Morgan - Jerome Hunter
C - De’Ron Davis - Clifton Moore


I think UM has as good a chance as anyone to win the big ten next year, but people are definitely discounting the losses of Moe and MAAR. I just don’t have a lot of faith in Teske tbh. He seems like a slightly richer man’s Ricky Doyle to me. He’s taller and more of a shot blocker, but suffers from butter fingers quite a bit. Not to mention he had stone blocks for legs when it comes to jumping.


Updated scholly chart.


If we wanted a grad transfer


Sub 30% from behind the arc last year.


Lunardi updated his bracketology. 8 Big Ten teams make the cut. Michigan a #4 and Michigan State a #2.


Man that MSU hype train keeps on rolling.