Offseason Discussion Thread

The release point looks like the biggest thing. Higher, which makes the shot a bit more compact.

If Simpson becomes a legitimate threat off the bounce… I know it’s unlikely but wow it’s fun to think about.

Unfortunately, still seems to be a set shot.


Yeah, I just looked at it again and he’s barely getting any lift.

Damn, I should have reported this on Sunday and scooped Tony Paul. Would have been pretty funny.

Davis was reported on the Detroit message boards about a week or so ago now as being likely to get the job soon, I think people even thought they had him as far back as the 21st. Now, though, I think Paul is connecting dots between the Magic turning away Sampson, Sampson staying at Houston, and with that job no longer possibly open Davis to Detroit is the next step.

That is a pretty chaotic situation right now to be walking in to.

Release was a much bigger issue for him. It was so awkward he couldn’t elevate. This version looks like he could adapt if he needs to get it off over a player. It’s also a much quicker release so he doesn’t need the defender to be 5 ft away fir him to get it off.

Zavier will be starting his junior year and just his second year of significant playing time. He will never be a perfect jump shooter but by the time he leave he will probably become a consistent threat out side which will make him unguardable. If Westbrook ( not comparing their games) can learn to shoot and he was terrible at UCLA and his first couple years in OKC then there is hope for Zavier to become a consistent threat. Plus he has want too which never should be counted out.


I feel like I’m taking crazy pills with Michigan being 18-25 in all these preseason rankings and MSU being in the 9-13 range. IDGI


Yeah I’m not really sure what the reason for that is. 3 returning starters from a Championship runner up team with the two new starters being guys that played big roles off the bench for that team. Plus a nice incoming freshman class. Seems like a no brainer to at least be a top 15-20 team

Kenny Goins and Matt McQuaid have been playing over McDonalds All Americans for two years so clearly they’re projected for breakout seasons


They will actually be starters on this MSU team combined with the backcourt being guys who are probably not going to make huge jumps. There’s not a ton to love there. IMO, Michigan should be by far the B10 favorite.


But they did lose Ben Carter. No way should Sparty be ranked that high.


Ben Carter is a major loss. After all, he is the one man zone buster.


If you need someone to pass up an open shot in the lane and kick it out to a host of bricklayers, he’s the man!


This thread is pure gold. :rofl:


Yeah no idea where the MSU love is coming from. They’re gonna need a big leap from Langford, but considering the way Izzo develops (puts them in as bad of a position possible as underclassmen) he may finally breakthrough this year. Ward is not gonna be playing big minutes. Winston will have to take on higher usage and most likely drop in efficiency. Plus their recruiting class is like Michigan’s except not quite as good.

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Not meaning to nitpick, but I don’t consider Livers a returning starter.
Also, those preseason polls don’t mean squat.

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Preseason polls are mostly silly. National writers just look at names and programs and assume the rosters fill themselves out. Not too many duos top Nick Ward and Winston in terms of offensive production. But defense and depth will probably be an issue.

But their recruiting class is very good IMO. I prefer ours, but if we’d flopped classes, I’d be almost as excited with their class as I am with our actual class’s


Really looking forward to discussing projected B1G standings. There’s no obvious pre-season alpha, like MSU last year (and serious fans knew Purdue would be right there). JB is obviously our trump card, despite our question marks, with the conference losing a lot after what was already a down year, and then just a bunch of weirdness and wildcards:

  1. I liked Maryland, but they lost Heurter
  2. Purdue is losing so so much
  3. MSU loses 2 lottery picks
  4. Nebraska actually returning everyone
  5. PSU losing its star in Carr
  6. Indiana got Langford and returns Morgan and Davis
  7. Wisconsin’s talent doesn’t look like it’s going to improve anytime soon
  8. Iowa, talented?

My way-to-early opinion (with very little thought or effort):

  2. Indiana
  3. Nebraska
  4. Iowa
  5. MSU