Offseason Discussion Thread


The guy that runs the site is a huge Wisconsin fan. Not saying that he is bias but their numbers seem inflated to me.



It’s almost incomprehensible that Simpson was 7-46 from three his last 18 games.

If Beilein can’t fix his shot, maybe Dad can?


Sorry, but how did Q let it get this bad in the first place? Physician, heal thyself.


When I see tape of Zavier in high school his shot looks different from his current shot. His current form is broken and needs major reconstruction.


This is a nice team and no seniors. The future is bright
Next two years roster has no changes due to graduation, and this on a team that just played for national championship.
The experience this team gained on run to NC game is immense.
Hopefully Simpson can improve shot
Teske poised to become one of best 5’s in league
Great defensive combo at wing position. I love the way both those guys move their feet, not to mention toughness and athleticism.
Go watch difference between Matthews dribble drives in the two MSU games and see marked improvement, balance, and efficiency.
If Poole makes Soph jump…


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Not sure where to put this because I know Dylan likes to keep the forum tidy and organized. But if you guys have any interest in playing a CFB-school based Risk game, I’m pretty active in it. Been advertising on Mgoblog and it skyrocketed our participation, so I figured I’d post it here too if some of you guys don’t crossover.


Zavier Simpson, dad going back to ‘ground zero’ to improve shooting


When I visualize Z shooting it gives me anxiety.

IMO, he needs to first find HIS natural stroke in his arms first and the work from that. IMO, he will likely need to be less square. As it is now he looks to be trying too hard to be symetrical. Jump more toward 11 rather than 12. Maybe collapse in more toward his shooting side. Shoot more from his right eye. I think he needs to focus on a balanced yet assymetrical approach that fits HIS body…Shooting is a lot of self-teaching, IMO. Only he can really know when he finds his balance and alignment. Abandon the rules. The rules might not fit his unique body type and alignment…Honestly, anything would be better than what he has now…

Curious what others think. Want him to figure it out. I really think he is a great player with a hideous shot.


Kinda makes you wonder how his coach/dad let his shot get so funky in the first place. I suppose he’s been shooting that way since he was a child, but at some point kids are strong enough that you have to fix their form. By contrast, Nunez didn’t start playing basketball till he was a teenager, and his shot is gorgeous, perhaps because he was strong enough when he started playing to shoot with correct form in the first place.


Very good point related to his strength…lots of push in his form.


He needs more snap/pop and less push. His form is not prepared to accept a fluid snapping motion in his arm, imo.


He bulked up at Michigan. That can affect form quickly. And when the starting point wasn’t great, well…