Offseason Discussion Thread


Thanks–yes. We have caught some NWSL games on Hulu. But if I have Comcast, Hulu, and youtube TV I am spending a lot more to be entertained than I feel I ought to. I understand that Comcast is now also offering a kind of online TV service; it just doesn’t have the B1G, at least here. I think that I may just bit the bullet and get youtube TV for the basketball season next year. . .




Seems like a massive overreaction based on an all star game


Geez, they were playing a collection of the best players from around the world in a one off game. I think Givony is overreacting a bit.


People also seem to be way overreacting about Barrett’s performance. Yeah, he’s an awesome prospect with a bright NBA future, but 20 points on 20 shots in an all star game environment certainly doesn’t warrant some of the hype I’m seeing on twitter lol. 5 steals is good, but again, all star game environment. To me it seems like a “stock stays neutral” type game. I don’t know, maybe it’s a “can’t tell how good he was from the box score” type game too.

Anyone actually watch? How did Iggy look?


Saw parts of the game. First time I’ve seen him in game action. Nice handle for his size. Aggressive offensively. Saw a couple nice drives to the basket. Also moved well without the ball. Wasn’t perfect but expect him to be a solid contributor for us


So the rotation right now is looking like

PG: X - DD
SG: Poole - Matthews
SF: Matthews - Brazdeikis
PF: Livers - Johns
C : Teske - Davis, Livers or Johns

8 or 9 man rotation with the chance to expand that a bit with the addition of a grad transfer


IMO the grad transfer at the 2 will just result in less Iggy. Matthews has to slide down to open up minutes for him. Not worth it


I think you need to find a way to add a high-level shooter to the roster. The lack of proven shooting is just too concerning.


That’s fair. I’m not sure I believe Mooney is that guy. Career 36% guy at a much lower level, albeit he was a high volume guy so that probably weighed it down.

Side note - how crazy is it that we now live in a world where JB has a roster full of athletes and high level defenders but the only true concern is the ability to shoot.


While he was playing against worse competition, he was also a 30% usage player. Something he most certainly wouldnt have to be here.

But there is little risk in taking a grad transfer. We could debate over which grad transfer to take, but we should absolutely try to get one. Simmons didn’t pan out like we hoped, but no harm was done. If a grad transfer reduces another player’s minutes, it’s because he was better. If he doesnt, the other player beat him out. Win win


I mostly agree with the upside of taking a chance on a grad transfer but you have to be really confident in the type of character you’re getting. Even good kids can become problems when they’re sitting on the bench in their last year of basketball.


I fully expect JB to have that conversation with a potential grad transfer. And for grad transfers to understand, due to Simmons, that they’re not guaranteed anything.


I’ve had that conversation with kids, what they say and what they do are completely different things. It’s hard not playing, and these transfers don’t expect it to be an issue. It’s also something (not playing) many of them have never experienced.


Yes, but JB does his homework on these things. And I think he’s earned the benefit of the doubt that we dont really need to think twice about taking a grad transferZ And if the player is really causing significant issues, it’s not like he can’t be dismissed.


Iggy’s shot always looks a bit awkward, but he showed that ability to make funky finishes ala Simpson. JB gonna love him–has a knack for getting two feet in the lane, where he can use size and finishing ability to get buckets, even closely guarded. He had one drive in particular last night, even though the lay in rolled out, that looked glorious.

I liked what I saw.


Agreed, most All Star games are the worst representation of the game. Not sure there is any value other than selling tickets to watch a bunch of dunks! Not a fan of the exhibition!


You forgot Brooks. Sorry, but DD has to prove it at this level, starting in practice, where Brooks at least has a year in the system and playing against Zavier. Also, I doubt that DD will be as ball-dominant in college, let alone Beilein’s system, as he was in high school. The pre-season competition should be interesting.


I don’t think a 4 guard rotation of Simpson, Brooks, Poole, and DeJulius is getting much consideration. It is a real possibility in my mind. Coach Beilein, when asked about reason for Villinova’s success, first thing out of his mouth was “guard play”. He then went off on his usual rant about how vital guard play is. How the game has changed with 30 second clock, and so on. I think there is a real possibility of a 4 small guard rotation. At the very least a real possibility of DeJulius or Brooks as the primary backup for Poole and Simpson.

Much talk on here about Matthews playing guard (he’s not a guard) to free up minutes for Iggy or Johns; I’m not sold. I like Matthews where he is. Getting two feet in the lane with snipers on the perimeter.

I miss M basketball. Guess maybe I’ll go watch the beat down of MSU again


The problem with that small all guard lineup is that we just haven’t seen Brooks/DeJulius do the sort of things that you need from those small lineups with the short clock (i.e. get in the lane and get a bucket). DeJulius has shown that off the dribble jumper ability in HS, but how does it translate? Brooks can run the offense, but showed almost no confidence to look for his shot for the last 4 months of the season.