Offseason Discussion Thread


Well neither have Johns, Brazdeikis, Livers, or Matthews. They are all equally lacking. It will be interesting to watch it play out. Matthews has not looked like a guard to me. [quote=“umhoops, post:281, topic:3608, full:true”]

The problem with that small all guard lineup is that we just haven’t seen Brooks/DeJulius do the sort of things that you need from those small lineups with the short clock (i.e. get in the lane and get a bucket). DeJulius has shown that off the dribble jumper ability in HS, but how does it translate? Brooks can run the offense, but showed almost no confidence to look for his shot for the last 4 months of the season.


One thing for sure, Z will make DD better from day one. He’ll have to face to face one of the best on ball defensive PG’s in the country everyday. Similar to the Burke/Levert battles…should be some great practice sessions.


Another transfer who Michigan has at least reached out to is Evansville’s Dru Smith. He would sit 1 year to play 2. Combo guard.

Already has visits set to Va Tech (this weekend) along with Xavier and Mizzou. Not sure as to how serious the interest is there yet but wanted to pass along.


LOL @ Nojel Eastern declaring for the draft (without an agent). Avged 2.9 ppg.


If they keep that “can only declare without an agent to test the waters once” rule this is a really, really bad decision. If he has some kind of knowledge that they’re getting rid of that rule then I guess it can’t hurt.


That isn’t a rule anymore. Hasn’t been for a couple of years.


Wouldn’t mind seeing him go, although it is not likely to happen, IMO. He is going to be really good.


I will never again believe what I read on mgoblog regarding basketball.


In fairness to Brian, the rules around declaring seem to change all the time and lots of people parrot incorrect information because of the constant change. Hell, the NCAA still has a link on their site with info that’s like three or four years old with no publish date nor any indication that the content is now outdated (EDIT: Looks like they finally took down the page).

I posted a link earlier in this thread but I’ll link it again because it’s got all the correct info and scenarios (AFAIK).
Testing the NBA draft waters? More complicated than it sounds


Is that where it is coming from? I keep seeing people reference this idea that you can’t test the waters more than once.


Most likely as Brian has mentioned that outdated rule at least once in a front page post. He was corrected in the comments but I’m guessing he did not see it.


I suspect that Z’s defense in practice is the reason that Simmons and Brooks tanked, and the latter lost his confidence. He could end up doing the same to DD, considering what he did at the end of the season to every opponent he went up against. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the practice sessions following Z’s benching in Hawaii.


I think DeJulius is going to surprise a lot of people next year. Brooks better find his shot if he wants to be in the mix.


It seems odd to argue for Brooks over DD by saying that “DD has to prove it”, when Brooks’ freshman season mostly consisted of falling on his face. He may pull out of it, but he needs to “prove it” as well.


Yeah, I had never even heard of that aspect of the rule before. But Brian and Ace have incorrectly brought it up 3-4 times over the course of articles and podcasts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’m just saying don’t count Brooks out. I’m not expecting things to pan out one way or another as far as the pecking order. You’re misinterpreting my statements.


It was a rule at one point but that hasn’t been the case for at least two years now. It’s frustrating because it’s been pointed out several times that the information they’re providing is inaccurate, yet they continue to parrot that same outdated line about not being able to withdraw twice.


Dave vs. Z in practice seriously sounds incredible. Two years of facing Z in practice is gonna make DDJ an absolute star I think by the time he’s an upperclassman.


Interesting take…Z is quite the alpha dog. Agree on the practice…hoping Dylan can get in the door next year!


One thing is for certain…“nothing is given, everything is earned”! Always tough for Freshman…those that stay will be champions!