Offseason Discussion Thread


Also Chrome.


Weird. Loading for me. I’ll try to look into it.


Can anyone confirm or deny whether we’re for sure playing Cincinnati this upcoming year? It’s on the future schedules page on the site, but I just read a very angry Cincinnati site saying we canceled it rather than moved it (it was originally scheduled for 2017).


Not sure where this fits, but Comcast is dropping BTN… which means I will be dropping Comcast. Anyone have any suggestions? YoutubeTV was the first option that came to mind.


Might just be a negotiation thing. I would be shocked if Comcast actually went through with it. It’s a lose lose that neither party is interested in.


Gut feeling has been issued on Ibi transferring


I didn’t listen to Sam’s entire show this morning. Is this a Sam gut feeling or a Reegs gut feeling? No offense, but I’ve really come to trust Sam’s gut feelings! :grinning:


I don’t have gut feelings. :yum:

I trust Sam’s gut as well.


Maybe the Drip Boys just want to expand their international footprint


Someone on MGoBlog posted a “Mo returning per [someone’s name]” thread but when I clicked on it, it had already been deleted. Don’t know if that means anything.


I saw Ace retweeted a tweet from Goodman saying that Moe was returning from… last year. Pretty sure he removed it but I would guess someone there picked it up.

I’d be very surprised if Moe doesn’t opt for the draft.


Ah, OK.

It didn’t seem to make sense that he would have already decided, without testing the waters.


playstation vue, fubo tv


It’s been confirmed that this is happening only for people outside of the Big Ten footprint, just FYI.


PlayStation Vue. I’ve had it for two years now and love it. My brother has Hulu Tv which I’m not as big a fan of but it works well too. PlayStation Vue has more of your normal cable tv setup to where Hulu isn’t as user friendly in my opinion.


I have YoutubeTV and love it. It has every sports channel you could possibly want. Pretty easy to use. Unlimited DVR. They were giving out a free Chromecast but not sure if they still are.


I haven’t cut the cord but I’ve looked at some of these services. I did the YouTube TV trial and was really impressed with it. Unlimited cloud DVR is nice, and I liked the general layout of it and how they blend live TV with on demand content. It’s really what regular TV should look like. It also has all the sports which is most important for me. They just added Roku support and I just saw a rumor of a possible new chromecast with a remote. For me I really like using the phone to browse for content but it’s awful for controlling DVR playback. If I want to pause and rewind live TV I want a remote in my hand. For me though having ESPN, BTN and Fox Sports Detroit and the four big networks (ABC, etc…) makes it the ideal option for cutting the cord. On a related note, I think the PlayStation Vue branding is really poor branding. Maybe I’m wrong but for the longest time I associated it the PlayStation and I doubt I’m alone in that thinking. I know they couldn’t call it Sony TV either but it just feels like the association with PlayStation can be confusing. It does look like they have covered all the bases (sports wise) that you could want.


Picked up Sling for the NCAA Tournament (well worth the cost in March and April, anyway) and for the ol’ lady to watch Tigers games this summer. Packaged with the Roku dangle in their promotional deal. I really want to take a closer look at YouTube TV. I don’t think it was available in my area yet last time I looked.


My problem–don’t know if others think this way–is that I don’t want to be distracted by a million entertainment options; I especially don’t want my fourteen year-old daughter distracted by them. I want to watch Michigan sports, and the very occasional other event (like US women’s soccer with my daughter); and we alternate subscriptions to Hulu or Netflix, largely on my wife and daughter’s whims.

Living in Tallahassee as I do, I have never had many options. For major sporting events I might care to peek at, like a Super Bowl that features the BradyPats, or an NBA playoff, I can almost always find a stream; and I usually have luck finding Michigan games, especially basketball. The problem is that they are unreliable. Would probably bite the bullet and do youtube if I thought I could just sit back and watch lots of M sports, though, or if it got us the NWSL (so my daughter could watch her beloved Orlando Pride); I only wish they had Netflix or Hulu–or that there was really the promise of watching lots of good foreign and other films (?), but that’s probably never happening.


Hulu has a live TV option that can include regular Hulu. And it also has Lifetime which shows some NWSL games