Offseason Discussion Thread


I’m surprised more people don’t believe Watson should transfer. I believe it would be best for both parties to be honest. There are no minutes here for him, and his talent could be successful elsewhere.

Davis should stay. Nothing to gain by leaving now. Already used his red-shirt. Stay, and if he gets passed by Castleton, then grad transfer the following year.

Brooks is the interesting case for me. I personally hope he stays, but his body language towards the end of the season suggest otherwise. I remember 2 video celebrations posted during the tournament run where he is seen “rolling his eyes” as Coach B speaks.

lastly, I think Wagner is gone, but think we will be a Top 5 team all season long if he shocks us!!


Do you remember which games you saw that in?


Not sure IBBY leaves, the coach trusts him to be on the floor in the tournament! To me those actions speak louder than words.


Players who also transferred after playing in a tournament game: Kam Chatman, Aubrey Dawkins, Ricky Doyle, Evan Smotrycz, amongst others


I am really confused why people continue to make the argument that Coach B played and trust Ibi with minutes in tournament. In our 6 NCAA tournament games his minutes were:
8 (A&M blowout)

Going even farther—In the Big Ten Tournament his minutes were:
7 (NEB blowout)

20 minutes in 10 games?? What am I missing?? I am being sincere, because I have read this on multiple sites.


I mean he played actual minutes when the game was in question after not doing so for most of the season. Even if it was 3 minutes, he clearly trusted him to be in there. He doesn’t have to play 20 minutes for it to count as trust.


See now you’re just triggering Ohio game ill-fated crossover attempt flashbacks.


I’m just wondering what big ten title contender our transfers will inevitably end up on this time around.


Somethings got to give and I believe there will be several conversations whether initiated by players or JB. As far as moving forward (2019/2020) I feel the team needs wings who can shoot and attack the basket and 6’2" or taller combo guards who can do the same. Throw in a versatile Big to boot.


Ha! Smot actually had a pretty good game offensively against Ohio. I was really excited about his future.



I totally believe that he is struggling with this. Monetary reasons say the best choice would be to leave, but we all know it’s about more than money.



Not to belabor this awful game but IIRC, LLP’s game-tying shot hit off the rim before falling into the basket. Does anyone else recall that or am I misremembering?

Oh yes. I definitely remember the exact shot you’re talking about. (I don’t know if it tied the game or just reduced our deficit, but it was a huge momentum-changer of a shot.)

Yep, and the Savannah State game - man, making the tourney that year teetered on a knife’s edge. Finally seeing our name on Selection Sunday was so, so sweet.


Mo and Hahm co-mvp. Kudos. They both earned it.

Moritz Wagner and Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman shared Michigan's most valuable player award this year.

Full list of team awards.

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) April 12, 2018


In recent conversations with a variety of NBA personnel, The Athletic set out to gauge where each player’s value currently stands. According to conversations with both league sources and those around the program, Wagner is widely expected to enter the NBA Draft and sign with an agent, while Matthews is expected to test the waters.


On the front page article about Moe and his decision - I’m not sure if there are any comments but lately on all front pagers when I click to see the comments none of them appear. Anyone else having that issue?


What browser are you using?


Having that same issue here. It’s about 50/50 whether the comments will load. On the Moe leaving/staying article I tried yesterday and got nothing, but just now I tried again and the comment section did in fact load.

I’m using Chrome.


Will be shocked if Moe stays. And–love him though I do–I am really looking forward to seeing how things shape up without him. So much talent going forward.