Offseason Discussion Thread


Idk but he ended up getting kicked off the team so it would probably be awkward.


I do recall LLP made the tying three against that horrible 2009 Indiana squad to send it to OT in a game Michigan eventually won. That would have been a terrible loss (IU went 6-25).


Yeah, I looked it up. LLP had 18 points in the Indiana game won in OT. Then, the last game of the regular season vs. Minnesota, he had 19 points on 7 shots in a 3 pt win to get us to 9-9 in the conf. He pretty much stunk every other conference game.


He saved us in the Indiana game for sure.


That Indiana game never happened as far as I’m concerned.


Not to belabor this awful game but IIRC, LLP’s game-tying shot hit off the rim before falling into the basket. Does anyone else recall that or am I misremembering?

Also, in games that never happened, the Savannah State OT squeaker where Novak had a chance to win it in regulation but missed a dunk at the buzzer. Another resume-killer that was narrowly avoided!


I can’t believe you guys remember all of this in so much detail.


I think you are right about the iu game


@johnmiller Got any Charles insights for us, re: what he may be thinking this offseason?


Doesn’t affect the scholarship situation, but still interesting. Hibbitts had D1 offers out of HS. Wonder where he goes.


Have we ever had anyone graduate in three years before?


Jordan Morgan, for one, in engineering. He finished his masters before he left.


Did JoMo graduate in 3 years? Or complete a 5 year masters program?


He graduated in 3 years (at age 20) according to The fields of study are similar, but different departments.


Good for him. If Davis ever considers transferring, the best option is to stay another year and graduate early.


work on his free throws …


‘I’ll be here,” Davis said. “I committed to Michigan, and I’m not going anywhere. This season just showed me what I need to do differently.”


I hope he stays for 5 years. At least stay and get degree, be it a 3 or 4 or 5 year time frame.

Why would Davis want to leave when it appears his opportunity for playing time is at hand?

I’m hopeful everybody comes back except anonymous player who won’t be back, let’s call him Fritz.


I like it. All future player transfer speculation shall be known as Fritz.

Oh wait, is that the name of Moe’s brother? Or is it Franz?


I was thinking about Austin this morning before I saw this quote. He loves Michigan. I believe Michigan has always been his dream school. I know he wants to play as all kids do, but I don’t see him leaving, not now. I really think he will be a solid backup going forward, and he certainly will add an element in practice that is always needed, a hard working kid with a great attitude who will help make others around him better. I could see him getting his Michigan degree in a few years and then taking a fifth year elsewhere where he could be a starter and major contributor. And when he does he’ll always have that Michigan degree, and the memories of conference championships as a Michigan Wolverine.