Off Topic: 2019 Michigan Football

If you go by MGoBlog or Twitter apparently that was a disaster? I was good with it. It looked like a team with a bunch of potential that made a few too many mistakes, paid for them, but ultimately overmatched their opponent. I’m scared to death of the Army game but believe we’ll prevail. I think this is a team that is going to get better every week and could potentially be something special. I hope the basketball visitors had a blast!

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MTST has a very good team and will win a lot of games this year

Did you watch Army vs Rice? We should trounce Army. The only thing they’re good at is slowing the game to an excruciatingly slow pace.

Last night was fine. Offense has a boatload of potential. Barely used RPO last night. It’ll keep getting better.

The D? Eh. They’re really far away from not having OSU blow their doors off again. Can’t get any pressure without a blitz.


Ben mason has no business getting snaps at dt, have to find a solution there.


One of those solutions will be having Jeter and Dwumfour on the field…


If Don Brown adapted he’s not going to be showing it against MTSU. Need Dwumfour and Jeter back or we may get murdered by Jonathan Taylor


Better barometer than Harbaugh/Gattis vs Harbaugh/Pep vs Harbaugh/Drevno is comparing the above to Locksley/Gattis or Moorehead/Gattis. Worlds apart

If you guys haven’t noticed, the poster you’re arguing with had made up their mind and isn’t going to change their mind

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One way for the team to change people’s minds would be to actually win something instead of routinely coming in third or fourth place in the division.


Except for last year, when they tied for first?

(I’m not saying that last year didn’t end in disappointment, just that the “third or fourth place” meme is factually incorrect)


I’m not arguing about it, because I haven’t seen more than a quarter of football in Harbaugh’s tenure, but the internet says they tied for first last year?

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Not a good sign for Wiscy in 2 weeks, mtsu was caving the dts all night

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I avoid reading all posts during a game. This site is terrible then too.

The offense was fine. It will get more consistent with more repetitions.
The defense did very well covering for a lack of pass rush and issues at DT. Hopefully DT gets sorted out as Jeter and Dwumfour recover from injuries and freshmen can provide some depth.


Last night looked like a fairly typical ranked team’s first game of the season against an opponent it should beat. As long as there’s improvement shown in a win next week, I’ll feel comfortable with odds at Wisconsin.

Based on the game played yesterday, I agree, defense is a potential concern. There were disappointing responses in the “quick change” responses in H1. And nothing shown yesterday — good or bad — was going to address whether Don Brown had learned how to defend elite athletes like Notre Dame, OSU, and post-season opponents will have.

But based on the game played yesterday, the offense looks a lot different. Presuming DPJ’s injury isn’t long-term (and was more 1st game precautionary), he adds a significant element back to the game plan. As does Runyan at LT. But the offense looked like a group that can move the ball consistently once it works out 1st game unforced errors.


…and remember Week 1 is more about avoiding an upset than showing peak mid-season form.

Just ask Purdue, Tennessee, UCLA, Ole Miss, FSU, Missouri

The point is they still didn’t win anything. Not the division. Not the conference. Not even the bowl game.

By all accounts it was Gattis calling the plays last night for the first time in his career. He was the co-offensive coordinator in Alabama, came up with most of the gameplan, but ultimately was not the play caller. It’ll take him a while to be running smooth.

I heard offseason talk that our D-line had a chance to be better than last year. I just can’t see it. I know it was just one game but there’s a talent gap there.

I’m not worried about the run game yet. We didn’t have Runyan and started a true freshman. That’ll be fine when we figure out the tempo.

We would need a disastrous start like we had last night next week to lose to Army. You can’t get behind them and watch them chew up 10 minutes of clock on a single drive.

As far as Harbaugh goes I think the Ohio State thing will become a bigger elephant in the room if he doesn’t get it done this year. I think he’s done a good job overall. Last year we were 10-2 in the regular season with those two losses on the road against top 5 teams. Scheduling at Notre Dame to start the year was dumb.

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On the defensive line, while I don’t see them being better, the offense that MTSU ran mitigated our ability to pressure the QB. Lots of quick hitting plays, short drops, and he rolled out a ton. They rarely threw it more than 5-10 yards. It’s hard to get pressure under those circumstances. But it’s also hard to score points, and they really didn’t.

I thought that JH’s '17 OSU gameplan was amongst his best. He had his team in position to win despite having no passing game, basically.

I didn’t love what I saw last night, but I did see the flashes of potential. I’d like to see an immediate end to the two-QB nonsense, and if McCaffrey is in the game I do NOT want to see Pepcat Part II. I also noticed that Patterson went meh once they started with that nonsense. He was dealing it in the first, and went flat in the second and third. I hope that the McCaffrey red-zone series where he couldn’t punch it in wasn’t JH taking back the keys from Gattis temporarily. But I sure did see how this offense is different and cannot understand anyone who thought it was more of the same. Let it grow without the gimmicks and it’ll be awesome. Very excited about Charbonnet. Quick passing to set up the run should be really effective this year.

Rather nervous about the interior of the DL, and what Brown’s gonna do. But as much as Michigan is going to play a lot of ranked teams, none of them are juggernauts either. I bet this is a one-loss season with a win over OSU, but with a few rather rickety wins in the process.

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Best part of the game, though, was Juwan demonstrating clear improvement in talking to media.