Notebook: Moritz Wagner trending toward first round, NBA Draft Combine, more


Cmon Lakers, take Moe at 25. Perfect fit as a stretch 5 off the bench and playing alongside Lonzo. That team desperately needs shooting and a backup big man.


I knew he could run. That was self evident.
These testing numbers and his domination of Big Ten Centers dovetail nicely.


Magic was interviewed on BTN and had a big smile on his face when mentioning a player from Michigan whom they were watching.


Really interesting how he shaved that much off his agility numbers. How do his numbers compare to power forwards?


Have to imagine that going all in on the draft with an agent helps. Full (funded) workouts, prep, etc. has to help improve performance on some of those drills. Definitely seems like a strong showing for Moe.


Good for Moe…love to see that extra year in school pay dividends! Let’s hope CMATT seizes the opportunity with the SANDMAN and coach B.


Just got to reading the article. Notable to me that Eli isn’t here for spring ball. Makes sense since he lives so far away, but you wonder if a guy in his position can afford to miss it while nearly everyone else is in on campus.


I’m sure Pelinka is in his ear as well ha. I would love to finally see one of the recent guys head to the Lakers, especially Moe.

I have a feeling they’d take him with their early second round pick, but doubt he lasts that long now.


But then again, Magic always has a big smile on his face.



It really has been amazing how far this guy has come especially on the basketball court and in interviews. Proud of him


I like jaren Jackson but am I the only one that doesn’t get how he’s ranked above bagley ( in some mock drafts) and bamba in most.

I see how you could value him in the modern nba more than bamba but that’s a mistake to me.,


I think Jaren’s a much more versatile offensive threat, and while Bamba is a better shot blocker and physical prowess, they are both elite in that regard and JJ isn’t far behind.

Jaren shot 40% from three and 80% from the line. I also recall quite a few plays where he was able to beat his man off the dribble and flashed sneaky good ball skills and vision as a passer when attacking close outs. I think it’s fair to have serious questions on how someone as raw as Bamba could score in the NBA. He reminds me of Nerlens Noel with better measurables. Jaren at least on paper has the skills to score and play positionless basketball on both ends, which is why it is so damn funny he played 99% of his minutes in college strictly at the 4 spot alongside plodding bigs.

Also JJ (still 18) is a full year and a half younger than Bamba (20).


Jaren is younger and has a far better feel for the game and shoots it better than Bamba, but Bamba has those truly ridiculous measurements that probably give him a higher ceiling.


Jaren is young, has great defensive instincts already and is a much much much better defensive player than Bagley already. He has proven 3 point shooting ability, unlike the other big men in the class who may have flashed potential at times. He also may be the best ball handler in the group.


Yeah, wasn’t Bagley’s defense one of the driving forces behind Duke’s move to a zone this past season?


So is the combine over now? Withdrawal day is 6/30, right?


Jaren’s shooting motion is so funky that I wonder how difficult it will be to be a consistent perimeter shooter unless he changes his form.

Bamba already looks like he has been working on his shooting form since the season ended. He looks like a much better shooter than he did at Texas. I think he has huge upside.


That’s a very fluid motion. Drew Hanlen does great work as a trainer.


May 30th is the date. Charles working out on Tuesday with the Nuggets, assume he’ll have a few other workouts over the next week and change.