Notebook: Moritz Wagner trending toward first round, NBA Draft Combine, more


I think Wagner may surprise some when he gets to the league. Moe would get in trouble a lot when he gambled in college. But he has good length (not great) and he deflects lots of balls. He will get away with more contact in the league then in college. Plus I think he is a very smart player. But of course he has what so many teams want now days good three point shooters who can spread the floor.


I don’t think I can. The guy who told me is close to that circle and I don’t want to put anything in writing. Bottom line is what I quoted was extremely accurate. But he’s got immense talent and being a Clint capela type player isn’t out of the realms of possibility if he changes his mindset.



Is reach normal for a 6’10.5” man?

Surprised by height. Thought he’d be a inch shorter


6.75% body fat… okay Camp Sanderson!


Here are all the measurements

Wingspan can obvious vary… Mo Bamba is the extreme but he’s only .75 inches taller than Wagner and has 10" longer wingspan.

Wagner also has the widest hands in the draft. Isaac Haas weighs in at 303!


Mo grew a half inch from last year


Overall, I’d say Wagner is probably happy with the testing. Better than I thought he’d measure.


I may be slightly biased but testing should put Wagner comfortably into lottery


Not sure what it changes for him. His strengths (big, skilled, shooter) are still true, but his weaknesses are still valid too (slow footed, below average defender, not a great leaper, not great length).


I was assuming tongue was firmly in cheek on @JJ3’s comment.


This means literally nothing, but the smallest hand length and width at the combine belong to… Jaylen Hands.


I don’t think that it changes much on Mo’s side of the equation, but the other side of the equation could change with some disappointing measurements. I have not seen numbers of the others yet, so have not much to say.


Duh. Just like the guy nicknamed Tiny is usually huge.


As Gus Johnson put it: “Isaac Haas is the biggest man I’ve ever seen.”

Shaq, incidentally, was 7-0.88 and 303 entering the league.


Makes sense why Moe is able to dunk with 1 hand off the dribble so easily. Dude can grip it easily


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He’d have to score shockingly well on the lateral testing but theoretically that could get him in the lottery. Though even if he can get quicker, it probably won’t be overnight.