Notebook: Moritz Wagner trending toward first round, NBA Draft Combine, more


I think Bamba is a distant third on that list. He is just sooooo raw on offense. its like playing 4 on 5.

Gimme Jackson or Bagley all day.


Go get em Duncan


That makes me incredibly happy. This has gotta be a dream for Duncan. He earned every second of this opportunity.

Also I wont rule out that the Lakers will give him a serious look. This is the team that signed Alex Caruso after a good summer league performance for 37 games and 7 starts last season.


Good workout can earn him a Summer League invite and I absolutely agree. This team is badly in need of shooting and like you said, they showed with Caruso that they’re willing to sign undrafted FAs. They let Wear play a bunch too and I don’t believe he was drafted.


Give me bagley too, but not Jackson. Bamba will develop offensively. I think Jackson will at best a solid number two option/ good third option ( nothing wrong with that and I like him) I truly believe bamba will be a very good two possible low end number one option in 5 years.

His offense will develop nicely.


It is no surprise to me that Rob Pelinka found a tryout spot for a Michigan 3 point specialist!


Not to get this thread too off course, but I think Wendell Carter is better than Bagley and bamba and will have better careers than both.



That’s not a crazy thought, although I like bagley better. I like crater more than Jackson but I could see carter being better then all three. Duke really fell apart when he was out but dominated when he was in versus Kansas.


Moe will be working out with the Wizards tomorrow.


That three ball will be money ball! Too many teams struggling to keep pace in the league with the three.


I think Lauri Markannen’s success in the NBA last year may help Moe out when it comes to having a team pick him higher than his measurables/output suggest. Not saying Moe is nearly as good as Lauri is, but they have a similar game.


Updated mock has Moe at 37 over at ESPN/DX.


Oh man…I certainly hope he doesn’t go to the Kings. What an inept franchise.


Good chance Wagner about to become a millionaire

Blockquote According to, every player selected between 29 and 37 in the 2017 NBA Draft except Serbian Jonah Bolden (who opted to play overseas) receiver a multi-year guaranteed deal with an average annual salary of $1.51 million prior to any endorsement deals or other forms of income


Moe Wagner draft status update

Can’t quite figure out how to use blockquote


I’ll basically only be watching the draft to root for Wagner without a Pistons first rounder



With the 21st pick the Utah Jazz select…