Nojel Eastern no longer heading to Michigan

My guess, from so much of the radio silence around Eastern, is the coaches were in the loop on the transfer eligibility concerns and likely have been recruiting with that in mind.

Whether the coaches are more interested in a transfer or a re-classify candidate :man_shrugging:

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Wonder if the same thing is being said about Brown. Why else hasn’t Michigan confirmed him?

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I guess Cade Cunningham could be another player to keep an eye on but apparently he’s staying at OK State as of now.


Perhaps. But seems like the coaches spoke more about Brown and his potential role than they have Eastern. And Brown seems to have spoken a lot about Michigan while Eastern went silent after committing

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He probably committed too soon without understanding that he wasn’t going to be admitted

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Yeah, I guess Michigan could settle for Cunningham if they have no other options


I feel like they talked equally about both. :man_shrugging:

starting to worry about something being up with brown and admissions too, smiths announcement didn’t take this long…

Send the bag to Cade please. OkSt only returns 1 of their top 6 players and they were not a tournament-level team. They are going to be horrible next year before even considering that they have no chance to play in the tourney.

He’d have to be insane to get triple-teamed on a sub .500 team with no bigs

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So…we’re still owed a player to be named later in the Spike deal.


You’d think it would be easier to transfer from Columbia than Wake Forest though

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Nembhard is announcing next week, and has several teams including Duke after him. It’s not happening.


Smith is a grad transfer so immediately eligible.


Smith is a Grad Transfer, right? So he was more about a new admission into a Graduate program versus a transfer of credits from one undergrad program to another

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Anei intrigues me, he can be dominant defensively. If eligible, IMO he’d start for sure at the 5.

Not a super appealing list.

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Let’s just get to that point right now then :slight_smile:

All I can say is the need for Livers to be back is great.


Those who declare for the NBA Draft as an early entrant multiple times only to return to school and then announce they are transferring to an intra-conference opponent possibly before they were even offered an official scholarship only to inevitably not be admitted to the school and re-enter the transfer portal Will Be Champions