NIT Open Thread / Questions

Does Clemson (#1 seed) losing last night mean that we get another home if we beat Vandy?

Is there any juice to a quarter final game against David Dejulius and Cincinnati?

Yes, sadly still desperate to enjoy this team.


Yep, that’s correct. Game would be either March 21st or 22nd.

This would be a semifinal game in Vegas. Not QF. QF would potentially be against Jelly Walker, which is even more fun.


Never change TV Teddy. That is pure gold.

I just wish we had the reverse angle to see Ted’s face when he decides to slap back.


You can only imagine what a fun guy he must be as Uncle Ted at the family thanksgiving table.


So the 16 seeded teams went 11-5 (playing at home!) in the first round. I don’t think there’s a runaway favorite in this tournament.

I’d like a DDJ matchup in the semis followed by a Wisconsin-UM final, with a fully sanctioned and agreed upon cage match between Gard and Juwan after the game. (it’s Vegas after all!)


Juwan vs Gard and Turg in a handicap cage match. LFG!

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This is the game you have to surrender to watch Michigan on Saturday. Not bad.

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Rooting for Dutcher.

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Michigan up to 39 on Kenpom, directly behind Iowa, Rutgers and Northwestern. With a couple of solid wins we can leap all those teams :slight_smile:


Does a deep run in the NIT harm Michigan with delayed portal/recruiting/draft decisions in the same way it does for the NCAA tournament? We all thought the silver lining of not qualifying for the NCAA was giving Juwan more time to resolve that stuff and plan for next season. Will a deep NIT run foil that planning?

Sounds like they are already making contacts.

They’ve already contacted a minimum of two players

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The only thing that I think it really delays is any outgoing transfers.

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Yeah, I’m hopping right on that theory

Anyone able to stomach watching UAB/Vandy?

CBI games have been way better than NIT games, but yeah I’ve been watching. :rofl:

Yeah, been some ugly ball in the NIT.

Charlotte almost choked away a huge lead to EKU in the CBI!

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