New design/Patreon login


It only shows the link to a previous post if it is upstream. So if you respond to the most recent post, it leaves it as is.


This explains a lot, thank you.

edit: Also I think if you start typing and someone else posts a new one before you do it won’t have the icon, but if you edit it and save (I don’t think you have to actually change anything, just press edit) it will appear.


When I try to access comments from a protected article (I’m a Patreon subscriber), I get this message: “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Thanks for checking!


I do as well…any solution?


Are you guys logging into the forum with the same email that you signed up on the site with? And did you sign up via the site or via Patreon?


That’s the message I got when I tried to read the monthly question and answer session.


Hey everyone… If you are having trouble syncing your subscriber status to the forum, walk through this.

  1. Did you sign up via Patreon (the old way)? If so, is your message board account under the same email as your pledge? If it is, then ‘login with Patreon’ at least once on the forum. That will sync your status.

If it isn’t, send me a private message.

  1. If you signed up directly on UM Hoops, your status should sync via your email address. There might be a slight delay from when you first signed up. If, for some reason, your email address is different on both sites. Shoot me a PM.


@umhoops can you post a pic of the t-shirt and mug bonus?


Hello my my email is
and Im still being charged but can not log on
laurence stewart


Hey @laurence_stewart. I see you signed up on the site in the fall but it looks like you canceled. Shoot me an email ( and we can get it figured out.


Not sure where this should go. When browsing mobile Chrome, I’m getting prompted to install Chrome on certain links. For example the forum link from the blog.


I quit using Patreon and tried to resign directly with the black friday discount and received the message to contact UM Hoops. Took my $ tho.


Subscription will still go through if you get that message. Make sure to cancel your pledge via Patreon separately though because I can’t manually cancel those.

I’ll double check your account and make sure it is activated properly.


Think I tracked it down and you should be all set. Like I said on the forum, make sure to cancel your pledge via Patreon so you don’t get double charged.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.


Hi there. I’ve been a long time member of umhoops. I’ve typically used Patreon to login. However, that option doesn’t seem to show up on most pages now. I’ve also changed my password to login in to umhoops directly, but still no luck. Hope you can help me out. Thanks.


Hey @pcaruso

We found a bug that was allowing some users to still access content even though their Patreon pledge had been declined at some previous date. I put in a fix to stop that from happening moving forward which looks to be what is happening for you.

Your Patreon account was last successfully charged in June.

Your best option (and anyone else who logs in via Patreon and just sees a button to Subscribe) is to use that login and new password for UM Hoops and then sign up directly for a subscription on the site.



Thanks for the quick response. I’m surprised by this since I updated my billing info not too long ago.

I’ll take a crack at your suggestion. Thanks again for all of your work. You’ve put together a great site and I appreciate your even-keeled approach to covering such a passionate topic!


Hey Dylan,

My account was charged the $4 on 1/28 but I still don’t have access to the content on the front page.

Please advise.



Hey @Wolverine3,

I sent an email to a group of users who had their cards declined in the past and had still been able to access content for the last X number of months with instructions on how to reactivate your subscription via the site (instead of Patreon).

If you login to the site, you should be able to just add a subscription that way.

Right now, I’m still seeing your Patreon pledge as declined as well.



Shoot me a DM if you have more questions.


Signed up via Patreon and it looks like that was not the best way to go about this, but already got charged. Tried a bunch of things (including login via mobile) but UM Hoops is still showing no pledge. Looks like my username is locked.