New design/Patreon login


I think I do want to switch over to an annual plan. Also didn’t get the Athletic discount code. You can either send that through, or if it’d provide it to me automatically with a UMHoops yearly subscription I can just go that route.


Go ahead and cancel Patreon and re-signup through the site. The confirmation email will have the discount code/link.



Is there a reason why I cant read the recruiting roundup after I have logged in with patreon?


Cancel that. Not sure why it is working now but it is.


Sometimes can take a minute to sync your status. Glad that it started working!


My pledge amount is not showing and I cannot go directly into article for Patreon customers.


My pledge amount is not showing up


Sometimes you have to wait for a bit after you log in. I log in via patreon since I apparently forgot my umhoops account password and it takes about 10 minutes before it shows that I have pledged and lets me view the article.


If you login and your Patreon amount doesn’t show up, follow these three steps. By the time you log back in, it should show up and then you can continue logging in with your email and new password (without Patreon).

  • Login with Patreon (orange button) – sounds like you already did this.
  • Change your password on UM Hoops
  • Login with your email and new password on UM Hoops.


All sorts of trouble trying to login. Can not reset password on UMHOOPS. I keep getting a message saying “reset link is invalid”.

Also Patreon is frustrating. They double charge me every month.


The password reset thing just came to my attention. Working at looking at it now.

If you need me to reset your password, shoot me a DM. I’m also going to DM you about being double charged, that shouldn’t be happening.


Tried something that should fix some of the reset PW issues people are having. If you are still having issues DM me on here or email


Why do i have yo login to Patreon then also login to the Forum?

Can we get a single sign in?


Have been working on that, but it throws out one or the other. Which is complicated for people who aren’t signed up for one or the other. Was going down that path but hard to make changes during the season. Something I’m working on.


Thanks Dylan…not a big deal. Love the content and discussion, great group of passionate hoopers. Don’t change it for me…Go blue!


just a test post, to see if I can see who my post is replying to after i post it. this was a response to chazer.


@umhoopsadmin , minor bug…


What is the bug?


When I reply to a specific post (not the whole thread), I do not see the reply to so-and-so icon.


This happens to me a lot too, wasn’t ever sure why