New design/Patreon login


If you guys try resetting your password here:

Then logging in with the new email/password (not using Patreon), that also might clear it up.


Hey Dylan, love the new site and the news about The Athletic. I’m having trouble logging in to new site as well as using the forgot password feature. Not recognizing my email address.


You have to login with Patreon first (again) before resetting your password because we had to clear out the old accounts. I’ll clarify that in the update on the front page.


There’s no forum link on the mobile site. Desktop site has it.


Thanks Dylan, that appears to have done the trick.


Good catch. We’ll get there eventually :slight_smile:


Hopefully you guys are having more luck logging in with Patreon now. I put a fix that I think should help things work more smoothly.


Hey, Dylan - congrats on the changes…certainly hoping the involvement with The Athletic ends up supporting you sufficiently for this work we all appreciate. Is there any chance the content you create over there could come back here for your subscribers but non-The Athletic subscribers after a few days or other appropriate period of time?


That’s something I pushed for early on, but we could never quite figure out a way to make it work. What we ended up coming up with is that at least part of your UM Hoops sub goes toward a discount over there and you end up getting a lot more content than just what I write. Seems like they add more writers and sites every day.


Dylan - finally able to log in successfully, although my Patreon Information states records show that I have pledged $92 Kazillion dollars. If I had that much to give I wouldn’t be at work today.


LOL :slight_smile: That is because you pledged offline and I just manually overrode your account. If I had that much in pledges, I might be somewhere else too.


Hey Dylan, I just tried to upgrade to the yearly subscription because I love you, but I received the following error:
IMPORTANT: Something went wrong during membership creation. Your credit card was charged, but we couldn’t assign your membership. You should not submit this form again. Please contact the site owner to fix this issue.

I am user chris.hanson24c1b9u.


Looks like there is an issue trying to upgrade a Patreon account to an annual membership account. I’m looking into it now, if anyone wants to do that shoot me a note.


I cancelled my Patreon pledge and then signed up annually directly on this site. Seemed to work without any issues.


I was able to get patreon to recognize my pledge on mobile, but not on desktop.


Update, just tried from mobile again and my pledge amount is not showing. Not 0, but no number. Also cannot access the subscription content on the site.


Does it show your name on the Patreon page on mobile? Have you tried resetting your password and logging in without Patreon?

Go ahead and shoot me an email if you are still having more problems.


Hmm… it’s also not showing my pledge amount


Hey Dylan,

I’m a member through Patreon - but just wondering, do you personally prefer (or get more money) if we subscribe directly through UMHoops now that it’s an option? I don’t particularly care for Patreon, so if it’s more money in your pocket…

Also hoping to take advantage of that Atlantic discount you offered. Let me know



Hey Jimmy,

Appreciate the support. You should have gotten the discount code for The Athletic in an email from me through Patreon. If you didn’t I’ll send it over.

There are slightly fewer fees involved when you sign up through UM Hoops, but not enough that is necessarily worth cancelling the Patreon and switching over (unless maybe you wanted to do the annual plan and save a bit).