Need podcast mailbag Qs

Go ahead and drop them here.

Aside from Eli Brooks, which bench players will become legitimate defensive contributors?

Although Howard is an NBA guy, might we see this team deploy more zone defense from time to time compared to the last few years under Beilein?

Will the team be above .500 in true road games away from Crisler?

If UM goes 0-3 or 1-2 in the Bahamas should fans feel concerned before B1G play?

What’s an assumption on how this staff would guard Cassius Winston this year? Would Howard try to hedge with a big man?

Random thought, what other teams in college basketball will/should emulate Texas Tech’s defensive style, taking away the middle of the floor? Are there B1G team’s that have the athletes and possible mindset of mimicking it?

How do you think Michigan and MSU fare in their non conference tournaments (Battle 4 Atlantis/Maui Invitational)?

@bacon141 Your new avatar makes me :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Do teams get better by keeping the group together and gaining an extra year of experience, or bringing in better talent (recruiting, transfers)? It seems like there are a few teams (Illinois most notably) being forecast as showing extreme improvements with basically the same roster.

You have had your fair share of fun over the last decade. I don’t feel the slightest bit of sympathy :wink:

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Who finishes with a better record? This year’s team but coached by Beilein or a Juwan Howard coached team that gets back 2/3 of Iggy JPoole and Charles

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Which B1G coach is coaching for his job this year?

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More wins this season: Michigan State or the Cleveland Cavaliers


On both Michigan and MSU, what player would you predict to exceed individual preseason expectations and what player would you predict to underwhelm?

Prediction of first 2020 recruit to drop for Juwan.

Excluding Jace Howard

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Just FYI, the Heat played a good amount of 2-3 while Howard was running their D. I have to expect we’ll see a decent amount of 2-3 this season.

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Any deep cut contingency plans for recruiting if these big guys don’t pan out? Transfers?

If you could add one player from the Big Ten onto Michigan’s team, who would you choose? Since it’s an MSU pod too, I’ll ask the same question for them.

Does F Wagner have any back to the basket/post moves in his game to become a mismatch challenge?

Why the OSU love? 1 2nd or 3rd all big ten team player on the roster, and he’s a tough player to build a team around. Probably competent at PG but no real reason to think better than that. Some athletes at wing but none are at the Livers level (and none are McDonalds AA). What needs to happen for them to be better than UM?

2021 is the first real recruiting cycle that Howard is not behind on. What are your thoughts on how that will turn out and have you noticed any priorities so far?

If you were building your ideal 2020 recruiting class out of the realistic remaining targets, what would it look like?

Who lands more McDonald’s All Americans in the next five years: Tom Izzo or Juwan Howard?