NCAA update on name, image, likeness expected this week

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I dont see how this is enforceable

“* Require athletes to disclose the details of all endorsement contracts to their athletic department. The working group would recommend further discussion about whether a third party should be involved in overseeing these disclosures in a way that prevents endorsement deals from becoming improper recruiting enticements.”

You are worth what your market worth says you are worth


I think it can be done if they put legit work into it. Make sure that it’s a reasonable amount based on prior history for similar work. The IRS does it.

What do you mean by “enforceable”?

Anything that doesn’t get submitted is the functional equivalent of today’s money under the table. Yeah, it would be illegal, but not sure what “enforceable” means given that I still see that Sean Miller and Will Wade have jobs…

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I am not talking about that I am talking about trying to become judge and jury for one endorsement deal being legitimate and another not being legitimate.

I see. That’s why I asked.

Will be very interesting to understand their criteria. The harder they scrutinize, the less of the black market it will circumvent, and the more we’ll know the fix is still in.

What’s going to stop the big time business owners who just happen to be a big fan of a school from getting into a bidding war over every top recruit?

Like they do already? I guess the way I see it is the illegal stuff that’s been happening now just comes above board and the cheaters don’t benefit as much as they are right now.

So Phil Knight can offer everyone an absurd sponsorship with Nike if they attend Oregon?

No, nike is a publicly traded company that has stockholders and more important schools in college sports that it wouldn’t want to upset. I think people will be shocked how few kids get much money from the big apparel brands. The vast majority of this money for most kids will come from local businesses, autographs, camps etc imo.

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If a booster wants to do that and spend his companies money on that, I really dont see the issue with it.

The rule change is overdue, but I am not looking forward to hearing about players transferring because their agents fielded bigger offers. It’s not tampering if businesses do it. Combine that with immediate eligibility for transfers and would a player like Rondale Moore ever return for a second season for Purdue football?

I think there’s certainly a possibility it’s more lucrative to be the big fish in a little pond than a big fish in a sea of other big fishes

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You don’t think he’s influenced anyone in any way up to this point? Nike, Adidas, and UA have been directing kids to certain schools forever using bag money. Not sure how bringing this above board changes that except it allows even the schools who weren’t trying to cheat to do it as well.

Isn’t this a tremendously good thing for us then?

The other, more important difference is that, currently, handlers get way more than a fair share of the economics from these “deals”, whereas this will allow the player to benefit directly. I hope that helps players and their families.

Where did I say that? I’m just asking if there’s a limit to what a sponsor can do or can they just be as open about it as they want now?

Yes, for some. Purdue might not be the best example since they are at least playing against some high profile teams on TV. But Rondale Moore was arguably the best freshman WR in the country. I don’t think he would maximize his earnings staying in West Lafayette if a school like Texas really wanted him. In any case, his agent wouldn’t be doing his job if he wasn’t looking for better opportunities.

Texas has to fill their whole roster though.

Look at Ole Miss a few years ago. On the whole they weren’t competing with the other cheaters, but they limited their focus on a few elite players and reeled them in.

A team like Purdue or Ole Miss will be willing and able to offer more than a place like Texas or Bama for some kids because that kid will be more valuable to them than they would at a program that replaces that kid another top talent.

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If you’re Texas, who would you target first, a highly ranked HS recruit or the top proven freshman? I don’t think it’s remotely close. And Texas has so many more resources than Ole Miss that it’s hard to compare the two. The schools themselves won’t be spending the money, but it will still be true.

I agree that the rule changes won’t mean any programs can take everyone. But when current college players are fair game, they’ll become a good chunk of the top targets.