NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Montana Discussion Thread


That line that was up to -12? Now currently at -10 in most places.


Lets win the whole thing, so then there can be a 30 for 30 “I Hate Moe Wagner” and we can see him breaking Nick Ward’s ankles in documentary form.


The only thing that scares me is that we had some of our worst performances against the bad teams on our schedule down the stretch.

That Minnesota game was on my DVR - forgot how life and death it was.

Still, gotta trust in John B with the game prep. And that we are better.


Looks like we’re at least 20 minutes delayed beyond the 9:50 EST tip


Yea that does not help my nerves any. Waiting all day for this game, has just made me think of more and more things that could go sideways. Hopefully the team has adjusted to the time change and will be ready to go.


Same boat over here. Getting nervous as we get closer, which just got extended further. I usually love watching the other games after a win too, but that obviously can’t happen tonight being the last game!


Embrace sudden change!


Perfect time to enjoy a nice Titos and tonic!

Go Blue!


Just remember that John Beilein is money in the first game of a postseason tournament - a perfect 11-0 in the first game of the BTT, 6-1 in the first game of the NCAAs at Michigan, and 2-0 in the NCAA opener /1-0 in the NIT opener at WVU.


That damn 1 loss was in the late game as a heavy favorite! That’s the scary part haha


That was also a much less talented Michigan team. I don’t think anyone besides Burke would start for this Michigan team. And even that is an interesting call as freshman Burke was good but not close to what he was as a sophomore.


Wow, Mark Fisher is like a clone of his dad.


Oh yeah, definitely not comparing the two teams. Mainly just a quirky stat about that one loss.


I like to worry, so that could worry me too, but that team had long since set the last of the fuel on fire to push the car across the line and grab a share of the big ten title.

That loss was not a huge surprise. That team was done. Trey Burke also got run into the ground to get us to the share of the title.


Annoying that the Houston-SDSU game is going so late. Will probably adversely affect Michigan more than Montana because of time zones.


I’d like to think that Michigan will be adequately prepared if the 37 9pm games we played last year are any indication.


Burn the tape.


Win and advance.
Nice game by Matthews, even the free throws.


I like everything about that Montana team, their plucky players, their band, the fact they enjoyed themselves, and the fact that they can’t shoot that well.

Tough game for decision making of X and MAAR, but also showed why they can be winners regardless.

Great game for Matthews despite a couple TOs.

And great contributions from Simmons and Brooks too.

Didn’t play great but played together and tough D.


Tonight’s TV: “This is NOT us”