NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Montana Discussion Thread


Best Breakfast - Village Inn’s
Best Pizza/Beer - Wichita Brewing Company
Best Dinner - Redrock Canyon Grill
Old Town - (bars close to Intrust Arena) Mort’s, Emerson Biggins, Heroes

To Do
Golf (weather should be in the 70’s)
Exploration Place (interactive aviation museum)
KS Cosmosphere (space museum)


Realized that Ahmaad Rorie will be eligible to grad transfer after this year. That’s tough for Montana, gotta imagine that HMs will be lining up there. Tough as a MM HC.


Obviously M will not pursue grad transfers this year. Still have to figure out how to shrink by one. Hope we are 3-4 weeks away from that speculation.


Not even talking about Michigan pursuing him, just the reality of being a MM coach and having an all-league guy that you get to transfer in from a HM school and build him up only to see him potentially leave.


Clipped some video, pulled some shot charts and put together a report on Montana’s rotation.


They can also get a HM grad transfer to come to them. And also leave for a better job without sitting out. Feel worse for MM players. They’ll commit to a program, only to see their coach leave at the first sign of success.


Thanks Tweeter and to all for the insight on Montana.

Give JB 4 days and they’ll be ready! I think you’re right about matching up with our 4 spot but also matching up with Mathew’s. Not many guys get to the rack like Charles and the team is really playing with poise on the attack. Seems like they’re really probing the defense to see how teams react…UM should control this one!


Appreciated… you are making me think I should have rented a car. Looks like a lot of that stuff is a ways away from the arena other than Old Town. Any other recos near by?


Uber rates aren’t considered in the budget from our Patreon subscriptions? I kid, I kid


I’m a KU fan in Kansas City

Believe me, we’ll be pulling for your guys if you happen to meet our in-state rivals again in the tourney :wink: .


I just watched the Big Sky Championship game.

I don’t see any way this Montana team can possibly beat us… Their offense is so dependent on that high-low stuff between their two bigs…but I don’t see how either of those guys are gonna be able to even stick on the floor with Mo. They have some real lead feet…and they very much aren’t Isaac Haas to make up for it.


Granted, that might be their zone offense, but I can see Moe poking away so many of those entry passes.



@umhoops Hey Dylan, did you see any tape of Karl Nicholas in the games you reviewed? There was some mention of Montana message boards of him being a more athletic option as a big (but hasn’t played recently), and looking at his size/weight (6’8" 212 lbs) it seems like he’d be a better option for guarding Mo. Do you know anything about him? I wonder if they’ll be forced to deploy him.


I didn’t look closely because of the fact that he has barely played at all recently. Will take a closer look.




Didn’t know where to put this but interesting article where recruits pick final four. We made 5 lists including two kids picking us to win it all including top 50 2020 recruit Ethan Morton.


Very nice article by Ethan.

It’s quite interesting to look at those Torvik graphs he used. Sure enough, the large drop in usage at the very end of them coincides with a large spike in efficiency.CMU


Reminds me a lot of Irvin last year, although his drop and spike started in in the middle of the Big Ten season and it took him a bit longer to adjust.




Just watched the first 15 minutes of Montana @ Penn State from November. Oguine, as the announcer said himself, is the real deal. He took bigger defenders, including Josh Reaves, off the bounce from the top of the key, essentially iso’s. The key with him, obviously, will be keeping him out of the paint. I think only Zavier can do it. I would put MAAR on Rorie, who doesn’t have the blow-by quickness that Oguine does and shoots mainly threes and elbow jumpers. If we have good rim protection (hello Big Jon), it will free up MAAR to deny the perimeter shots. Zavier needs to stay out of foul trouble, because Oguine will destroy anybody else we put in front of him.
They won’t be overwhelmed at all. On the other hand, they don’t shoot that well and aren’t that long. They put up a good fight but Penn State’s size and overall talent level, especially on the wings and front-court, were too much for them. My overall impression so far is that they are a tough, quick for the most part, well-coached team. Really good, but under-sized back-court. Ho-hum front-court and wings. I’m going to watch the rest of the game and report back.

Update: the vast majority of their takes to the basket occurred when Mike Watkins was on the bench. As soon as he went out they attacked the basket relentlessly. I would expect them to test Wagner early and try to get him into foul trouble. This might be a game where we see Teske rotate with Moe, early and often. Teske is our best matchup on the defensive end and could do sufficient damage on offense. Could be a big game for him.