NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Montana Discussion Thread


9:50 pm eastern tip.


That’s late and I have an early morning start Friday. But at least it’s not during the workday.



Oh man…this is going to be rough if I get to the bar at 11am.


Best win of the year was Northern Colorado…


Looking for the silver lining to a 9:50 pm start… since we just switched to daylight savings time today, it will feel like a 9 pm game to our team (and the Michigan based fans).

Overall, I like our bracket. No matter where we would have gone, we would have to beat some tough teams to advance. I respect the teams in our bracket, but none of them look like a mismatch for Michigan to me. We should be able to advance if we play well.


Yeah, the more I look around the rest of the bracket the more content I am. It’s rough to have a team like Houston as a 6 in the second round, but as far as matchups go it’s pretty good to face high usage PG’s with a defender like Simpson IMO.


I love our first two matchups honestly. Wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see us face San Diego state either. We are the better team and paying better currently.


San Diego State is playing GREAT BB right now. They will give Houston all they can handle.


Yep, that Pope/Mcdaniels front court is very athletic.



Anyone making the trip to Wichita? I’m a local if you have questions.


Yeah, why did the committee pick a place that’s impossible to get to as a tournament location?


I think it’s gonna be a pretty devoid of Michigan fans. 10 hour drive for me from Madison and I’d have to take two days off work… Just not worth it unless you live really close.


Best places to eat and drink in town. Anything to do on the off day. Would love a rundown.


Just looked on KenPom. Montana is “better” than Northwestern (beat us), Iowa (took us to OT), Minnesota (took us to OT), Wisconsin, and Indiana (yes there are plenty of extenuating circumstances for the Iowa and Minnesota results at least). They’re the best 14 by 29 spots, and are better than 5 other teams seeded above them. Not that I think we’ll lose, but I wouldn’t have minded an absolute cakewalk.


The upside is that they don’t have a 6’8” 225-230 lb guy who can stick with Mo on the perimeter. So they really don’t have then personnel to match up with him. Neither of their two bigs can move their feet.



After the extra week off, I’d rather not get a pushover. I wouldn’t mind a competitive first half either.


Argh. Just killing me that I don’t see how I’d be able to get there. One man rooting section, particularly if we can’t bring hordes of other fans.