NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Houston Discussion Thread


I’m exhausted, lol.

Where is the next game being played and will it be a late game ?


LA and most likely since it’s on the west coast.


I wonder how many people were thinking the same thing before the last play. I was thinking one thing: Give it to Poole.


Is Rob Gray the best guard M has faced all season? I can’t think of a better one. That beautiful shot combined with the ability to make circus shots in the lane is a wicked combination. Thankfully he didn’t get an opportunity after Poole’s Immaculate Trifection.

Waters for LSU
Mason for Minnesota
Edwards for Purdue
Cowan for Maryland

Am I forgetting anyone?

I would take Gray over any of them.


Holiday from UCLA. He’s really good too and it took until late in the game and OT for Z to slow him down.

Gray had a great 2nd half. Thought Z played him well though. He made some tough shots.

The defense was excellent in both games. Offense was another story and hopefully it will be a lot better in the next game or it may be curtains.


Agreed, Gray is the real deal even with Z playing good D.


You are hardcore, Silverblue!


I agree I’d also take Gray. As was mentioned, Holiday from UCLA and Joel Berry at UNC would be the other two in the mix


I wish I had a different floor that my dog could hide on. NYC apartment living kind of precludes that…


There were definitely moments when it felt like it just wasn’t our night. When Gray hit that three to go up 49-43 and they were already in the bonus, I was afraid the game might get away from us. (What a huge answer by Mo on the next possession.) And then when Duncan fouled out and they took the lead on that crazy beyond-NBA continuation, that scared me. I thought we were going to need him at the line. And then obviously when we fouled with 3.9 left I was almost ready to turn it off.

But when he missed that second FT, I said, “We’re going to do this.” We had the time, had a chance to draw up a play, and only needed two. When a team leaves the door open a crack in the final seconds in March, good things happen…


100% agree, it’s Holiday and personally I don’t think it’s close between him amd Gray.

Gray is an absolute stud but I think people are being diluted a bit by his (incredible) SDSU performance. Gray has actually been kinda bad 3 of the last 4 games. Which is also why a huge tip of the cap to Z and his great defense.


Those were my three times, too. And that “crazy beyond NBA continuation” I was screaming at the official! I will say this, when I went upstairs after the game, my dog just sat there and looked up at me as if to say, “Are you alright, crazy human?!?” But he’s heard it before! I swear that if he could talk, he’d have a lot of nasty, vulgar words coming out of his mouth that he learned from me! I DO get upset with officiating. Hell, my son won’t even watch Michigan games with me!


Okay, I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed how awful that continuation was. That’s like a full second longer than MAAR’s layup against Iowa that supposedly wasn’t a shooting foul.




I’m so glad someone posted that, best picture I saw on twitter lol.


I have only seen Gray play 2 or 3 games. I would have to go with Carson Edwards.


@wolverheel How are you preparing for a potential rematch between your teams?


There were a couple of times during Michigan football games when my daughter was very young that I erupted and scared the living crap out of her–I remember her bursting into tears and feeling pretty bad about it.


@wolverheel My wife bleeds tarheel blue (class of 2010) and loves UNC basketball maybe more than life itself. I don’t know how you’re going to manage such cognitive dissonance. I’m secretly hoping they lose today so I don’t have to deal myself.


Wagner’s ability to run is almost never mentioned when mentioning his strengths. He looks like he would make an excellent WR in football. Livers to Wagner this fall on the gridiron. Maybe Wagner’s blocking would be appreciated on the football field?!?!