NCAA Tournament: Michigan vs. Houston Discussion Thread


My poor dog didn’t have a clue what was going on. I threw the remote at one point due to the refs and it bounced off the coich and hit her. Then when the shot went in i lost my mind jumping up and down and she started jumping on me and scratched the crap out of me. Really wished I had kept my shirt on and hadn’t flung it a t that point.


Ha ha lol. Poor thing.

My dog understands every single emotion I go through during a game. She’s never seen anything like the reaction after that last shot, though!


We haven’t played well at all and we’re in the sweet 16. All year long I thought this was a team that would need an immaculate run just to get there. They continue to prove me wrong every game. Give us one night of that incredible hot shooting and who knows what happens from here on. Seems like every team that makes the final 4 has a shot like the one we had tonight…


I forgot to extend my DVR past the normal time and thought I missed the ending. But I recorded the postgame and it picked up the last 3 minutes! Whew. I don’t think I’ll be deleting that one for awhile :smiley: .


That’s interesting, didn’t know that’s how they calculated it. So he could be a great decoy while everyone else passes each other into open shots. Possible, but he does average 4.4 assists per game. Hardly black-hole territory.


Honestly, the guys just have to know they have to lean into the white water from this point forward.

Just grip the damn steering wheel and go for the turn… all that stuff. I rafted down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon - when the water’s that mighty and chaotic, you just have to jam the paddle in, because that’s what keeps you in the boat. The steering wheel - that was a death defying high speed bumper to bumper through a desert storm coming back from Vegas to LA. Honestly, I just had to grit my teeth, go for the turn, heck with the water pelting the windshield - just go for it. If it’s Carolina, they are that kind of desert storm, they are the white water, just put it all on the line, go for broke. It may sound trite, but there are moments when caution is not an option.

Gotta get back to our BTT Wolverines, who attacked each possession with such relish and courage.


Yeah, that’s tough. Davis played huge down the stretch, shot 8 points better than his FT average, but missed the wrong 2 and there he is…

Also, Rob Gray is good at basketball.


Yeah, but his little brother is a punk. j/k.


That kid was gut punching my soul all night long.




My god…at what point do I celebrate the fact that Livers threw a fantastic football pass (AGAIN) against the same school that gave us O’Korn? I kid I kid!!!


My storyline was going to be the team with the best player won, and tip my cap to Rob Gray, then Poole happened.


This team may as well adopt “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill the same way the Philadelphia Eagles did after surviving against the Atlanta Falcons! Free Meek!!!


I’m hoping the gods are saving the actual buckets for the tough teams up ahead.


Yes. And. . . I guess I live in the city and have been looking at hair like that for a while now, but while funning about it seems like fair game, the harping. . . little Archie Bunkerish after a while.


I read this…:joy::sunglasses:

“And he turned into one frustrated man bun, shooting just 2 of 11 from the field (first half)”


He might have been fouled on the hand. If the shot had not gone down though, the leg contact would have been a good no call. I think Poole may have learned the splayed leg kickout from Brad Davison when he used it successfully against us in Madison. The leg kickout was a smart move - there is a chance it draws a foul and nothing to lose by trying it.


Dylan and company, I just want to say thank you for pushing out such consistently awesome content, even at 3:30-4am est last night. This community has become by far the best place to visit to read and talk Michigan hoops and I know all of us really appreciate how hard you guys work. Now go enjoy that Cali weather and more Michigan basketball!!


Unbelievable! My dog doesn’t get to watch with me because he was downstairs watching with me once and we lost. Northwestern game, I think. He doesn’t understand, but, well, if we’re gonna lose when he’s there, he’s not going to be there. I love my dog, but I like to WIN!

It’s 10:10 AM Sunday morning, I just came down form my high enough to write this. You see, I just watched it this morning. I have a “special” needs grand daughter who lives with us. Sometimes she awakens in the middle of the night and Papa gets up with her, sometimes for hours. So, this old guy DOES get tired. The Montana game was so late Thursday night that I went to bed and watched it the next morning. That worked out. So last night, still tired, I went to bed at 10:00 PM. I watched the game this morning.

I did all of my superstitious stuff, even though I knew it wouldn’t matter. My wife tells me doesn’t matter anyway, even when the game is live, and that I don’t have that kind of power over the outcome of a game. Yeah, right! So, I had my chair arranged just the way I like it. My feet were set just right. I had my blanket on my lap just so, perfectly. I had two Michigan t-shirts, including the Final Four t-shirt, with my Michigan fleece on top of that, and I had my Maize 'n Blue Michigan socks on! I had my Michigan cup next to me on the end table and my phone upside down on the arm of the chair. I don’t know why I put it upside down, but it works. When we were ahead I didn’t fast forward, but when we were behind I DID fast forward. Somehow that works, too, and again I don’t know why. No dog.

I must say, I gave up on the game three times. THAT sometimes works, too, although I haven’t had to use that technique of superstition much lately. I must say, I had a “feeling” when Davis missed two free throws. I had a “feeling” when Isaiah took the ball to throw it in. I had had a “feeling” yesterday, all day, but I didn’t mention it on here, and I know that doesn’t count, but I had a “feeling” that we’d have a Poole Party during this game. A bullet pass from Isaiah, gosh that guy can throw the ball, two or three dribbles from MAAR, over to Poole, BOOM!!! This OLD guy jumped so high my head almost hit the ceiling. I mean it was like I had Charles’ vertical. Then I just sat down and soaked it all in! Right now, I’m just watching replays, the press conference, highlights, writing this, and just LOVING it! What a GREAT ending! What a GREAT FEELING! It’s March Madness, baby! It’s GREAT to be a MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!! Go BLUE!!!